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Quiz 5 Preparation

Quiz 5 Preparation   CS-11 Spring 2018

1.         Know the purpose & contents of each of these 3 files:  .h file,  .cpp file,   application.cpp file   (12.4.4)



2.         What are the #include guards & where do they go?  (12.4.4)




3.          Be able to modify a sample Makefile for a new set of project files.  (12.4.6)



4.          Review the switch statement and be ready to code it.   (13.1.8)




5.         Review the difference between break;  and continue;  statements and be ready to code it. (13A slides  ~slide 18)  



6.         File I/O:    be able to code the following:    (12.1,1)

a)      Open an input file and an output file with appropriate checks (12.1.1)

b)      Read from your input file and print out what is read (12.1.2)

c)      Read from your input file and store the values into a vector (12.1.5)

d)      Write from a vector to your output file (12.1.6)


7.        File I/O:  Be ready to code the case when your input file has object data (12.3.5 & 12.3.6 also productfile.cpp in Key Sample Code)  

For example:  string productName;  

                          double price;

You will  need to read from your input file into a vector of objects

And write to an output file from a vector of objects


8.         What is the difference between a member function and a non-member function?  Be able to code each one properly.  (12.3.4)