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Quiz 1 Prep

What will be on Quiz 1?   (handwritten,  not multiple choice,  reference index card ok)

1.      What are the different parts of a computer and what do they do?

2.       You need to be able to declare a variable and assign a variable a value

3.      You need to be able to write a few statements that use cout and cin

4.      You need to be able to code basic expressions with mathematical operations (+,-,*,/,%) and understand the precedence of the operators.

5.      What does a compiler do?  How does it work?

6.      What does the #include <iostream> do?  What do you call a statement that starts with a # sign.

7.      What is the one function that is in every C++ program?  When does it get run?

8.      How many bits are in a byte? 

9.      How many bits is an int variable?  What is the largest number you can store in a signed int variable?

10.  Be able to convert simple binary numbers to decimal and vice versa.

11.  Write an example of an integer:          a float/double:         

12.  What is the result of 5/3?

13.  What is the result of 20.0/7

14.  What is the result of 19%2

15.  You’ll need to be able to spot a simple bug in some code

16.  Review Lecture Notes & Slides  1A, 1B, 2A and 2B on Class Schedule, your in class exercises, homework, Codelab and the text