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Quiz 1 Prep

What will be on Quiz 1?   (~11 Questions, 50pts,  not multiple choice,  reference index card ok)

1.      What are the different parts of a computer and what do they do?

2.       You need to be able to declare a variable and assign a variable a value

3.      You need to be able to use cout

4.      What does a compiler do?  How does it work?

5.      What do you use the Arduino Serial Monitor for?

6.      What do the Setup() and Loop() functions do on the Arduino?

7.      How many bits are in a byte?  How many bytes in a word?

8.      On the Arduino – how many bits is an int variable?  What is the largest number you can store in an int variable?

9.      What does IDE stand for?

10.  You’ll need to be able to write a  for loop and use the Comparison Operators.

11.  You’ll need to be able to spot a simple bug in some code

12.  Be able to convert simple binary numbers to decimal and vice versa.

13.  See Lecture Notes & Slides  1A, 1B and 2A on Class Schedule, your in class exercises, homework and the text