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Project 1: Getting Started


  • Get you set up for the course
  • Provide information about your interests.
  • Start to understand programming

Note: if you do not complete this assignment on time, you might be dropped from the course. However, do not rely on an instructor to drop you because he may not. You are entirely responsible for dropping any course.

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Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular assignment:

  • Do not communicate with anyone nor look at any information (like Google) during the Readiness Assessment Quiz.
  • You must complete the Hour of Code by yourself.
  • You may get help from others installing the compiler, as long as you actually perform all the steps yourself.

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Getting Acquainted Specifications

Complete the following assignment specifications so we can get acquainted more easily.

  1. Complete the Readiness Assessment quiz in Canvas.

    Note that this is an ungraded quiz and you are taking it only to help you determine if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in this course. However, you will be graded on whether or not you take the quiz.

  2. Complete the following Student Information form, but DO NOT submit it.  Instead, type the answers in a text file and include them as part of your homework submission. Do NOT start until you complete step 1.

    CS-11M Student Information

  3. Picture: upload an easily recognizable image of yourself to Canvas along with the rest of your assignment files.

    Note that we are not asking you to post your image as an avatar or in a public area of Canvas. Instead, we are asking that the image file be uploaded to an area of Canvas that only you (and us) can see, which is the assignment turn-in (submittal) area. The purpose of the image is simply to help us learn your name.

    Please limit the file size of images to one megabyte or less. The instructor must be able to easily identify you from the image to receive full credit.

  4. Getting Acquainted with Coding: Complete the Hour of Code as follows:
    1. Start the hour of code here.

      Play the videos if you need help. If you get stuck, please let an instructor know so he can help.

    2. When finished, add your full name (first and last) to personalize the certificate and then press the submit button.
    3. Click on the certificate and it will take you to a new webpage with a larger picture of your certificate. Here is a link to an example certificate:

    4. Highlight the web address for your certificate in the browser bar and copy it (Ctrl + c).
      Hour of Code Link
    5. Paste the link (Ctrl + v) into your README.txt file to receive credit.

      Here are the instructions for making the README.txt file.

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Extra Credit

Write a program (Arduino sketch) that displays your name in banner-sized letters to the serial monitor.  (2 points)

For example, the output of the program for the name Ed Parrish would be:

E    D  D   P  P A  A R  R R  R  II  S    H  H
E    D  D   P    A  A R  R R  R  II     S H  H
EEEE DDD    P    A  A R  R R  R IIII SSS  H  H

Specifications include:

  1. Write your name to the serial port in banner-sized letters like the above using a 4 character width by 5 character length (4x5) letters.
  2. Each banner letter must be made from uppercase letters of the letter being created.
    For example, a banner "A" would be made of uppercase A's as shown above.
  3. The name of the Arduino code file must be banner.ino.

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Grading Criteria (12)

Readiness Assessment Quiz
  • 2: Readiness Assessment quiz completed
  • 1: Readiness Assessment quiz partially completed
  • 0: Readiness Assessment quiz not completed
Student Information Form
  • 4: Student information form submitted
  • 0: No Student information form submitted
Recognizable Image
  • 2: Instructor able to easily identify student from supplied image.
  • 1: Instructor not able to easily identify student from supplied image.
  • 0: Specified image was not turned in
Hour of Code
  • 2: Completing the Hour of Code and including the link to your certificate in your README.txt file.
  • 1: Completing the Hour of Code and including the link to your certificate in your README.txt file, but the certificate does not include your full name.
  • 0: Not completed or no certificate link turned in.
  • -2: Completing the Hour of Code with the link in your README.txt file, but the link has someone else's name on it.
README.txt File
  • 2: README.txt file submitted following the instructions
  • 1: README.txt file submitted but some information was missing
  • 0: no README.txt file submitted

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How to Submit

Submit means that you are presenting your work for consideration and grading.

Upload all project files to Canvas in the Assignments > Project 1 page (link) and then press the Submit button. Include the following items for grading:

  1. README.txt file prepared by following the instructions for submitting homework.

    Be sure to include the link to your Hour of Code certificate.

  2. Your image file.
  3. All the exercise files from Lesson 1 including:
    • questions.txt
    • blink2.ino
    • buggy.ino
Normally lesson files are turned in with labs. However, there was not lab this week so you are turning in the lesson files with the project.
You must submit all the files needed to complete your assignment. Your assignment must work as submitted. Remember to test and double check your files before submitting them. If you make a mistake, you can resubmit up to the deadline.