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Lab 0: Getting Started

Project Specifications

Complete the following assignment specifications so we can get acquainted more easily. Specifications are requirements you must meet to get full credit.

Step 1: Student Information Form

Complete and submit the following Student Information form.

CS-11M Student Information

Step 2: Uploading a Picture

Upload a clear, easily recognizable headshot photo of yourself to Canvas along with the rest of your assignment files.

Note that I am NOT asking you to post your image to your account or in a public area of Canvas. Instead, I am asking that the image file be uploaded to an area of Canvas that only you (and I) can see, which is the assignment area. Only the instructor and the student can see what you turned in. The purpose of the image is simply to help me learn your name.

Please limit the file size of images to one megabyte or less. Please include only yourself in the image. If I cannot easily identify your face from the image, you will not get full credit.

Step 3:  Codelab

To sign up for CodeLab you must: 
  1. Go to and create an account 
  2. Register for this class as a STUDENT: the section number is 9325 then use code: CABR-25845-BYEF-34
Once registered, students can submit solutions to 10 exercises.
To be able to work with all exercises, the student needs to obtain full access:

log in to CodeLab
click LOBBY
click the button "Get Full Access" and make your payment ($25)

For this lab,  you must complete Codelab 1 -> Review Exercises -> #1 and #2
I can see that you have completed these in Codelab. 

Grading:  3 points for each step for a total of 9 points.