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Midterm 2 Questions

Preparing Midterm 2 Questions


  1. Review the following is a list of test topics, pick one and let the instructor know your choice.

    Remember that later topics usually help you prepare better than earlier topics.

  2. As a lab homework for the next class meeting, prepare a list of two (2) questions and their answers on your assigned topic.  The best questions are ones that you were unsure of,  but then looked it up and learned the answers.
  3. Post the questions in the Discussions area of Canvas titled "Midterm 2 Study Questions".  Do not post the answers.
  4. Be prepared to share your questions (and answers) with the whole class at the next class meeting.

Test Topic: Focus will be from 8. Indefinite Loops on

  1. Counting Loops (6B)
  2. Summing with loops (6B)
  3. Boolean values and variables (7A)
  4. Multiple Decisions (7A)
    1. Multiple alternatives (if-else-if)
    2. Switch statements
    3. Nested if-statements
    4. Logical Operators
  5. Conditional Pitfalls (7A)
  6. Nested Loops (7B) 
  7. Pulse-Width Modulation (7B)
  8. Indefinite Loops (8A)
    1. Waiting for Events
    2. Finding Maximum and Minimum Values
    3. do-while Statements
  9. Overloading Functions (8B)
  10. Reference Parameters (8B)  
  11. Validating Input (8B)   
  12. Random Numbers (9A)  
  13. Designing with Functions (9A) 
  14. Arrays (9B)  
  15. Vectors (9B)  
  16. Summing Array Values (10A) 
  17. Analyzing Array Values (10A) 
  18. Changing Vector Size (10A) 
  19. Insertion Sort (10A)    FergusG
  20. Sorting: Bubble Sort (10A)   JohnV
  21. Selection Sort (Lab 15)   Kimi
  22. Break and Continue (10A)   Alan
  23. Pointers (10A - slides)   
    1. Pointer declaration  Sergio
    2. & (address of operator)  Andre
    3. *  (indirection operator aka dereferencing)   Tony
    4. Passing pointers to functions    FeargusM
  24. Arduino Libraries (11B)    Chris
  25. Classes (12B):
  1. Classes   Rory
  2. Objects   Bapcha
  3. Constructors   Jonathan
  4. Methods   Tyler
  5. Interface   Arnoldo
  6. .h vs. .ino vs. .cpp    Ramiro
  7. shadowing   Juan