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Midterm 1 Review

Questions, Answers and Review

  • Questions from last class?
  • Questions about homework?

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Reviewing for the Exam

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Review possible exam questions

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Reviewing the Exam Topics

  • Remember that we each chose a test topic last class meeting
  • Your homework, due today, was to develop at least 1 possible test questions for your selected topic
  • We will break into groups and review the questions

Test Review Exercise (10m)

  • Within your group, review each test questions for accuracy and testing efficacy
  • Discuss ways to improve test questions and update postings in Canvas
  • Choose one excellent question to review with the entire class.
  • Write the question on the board.

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Information + Practice are like Yin and Yang

Information + Practice

Practicing for an Exam

  • One of the purposes of an exam is to give us a chance to review the material we have covered
  • Practicing for an exam is important to doing our best
  • We do not want to wait until the night before to prepare
  • To help us practice we will review some problems during class
  • Treat the practice like homework -- because it is!
  • Anything not completed in class must be completed at home and turned in before the test

Midterm 1 Review Supplements

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Summary of Test Preparation Materials

  • Exam Topics
  • Student questions posted in Canvas
  • Labs and Projects
  • Review Supplements
  • The questions are NOT intended to tell you everything that is on the exam
  • Make certain to try the Practice Midterm 1 in Canvas

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Wrap Up and Reminders

  • For the next homework, see the schedule
  • When class is over, please shut down your computer.
  • Complete unfinished exercises from today before the next class meeting

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