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Lab 13: Music Player II


  • Learn more about C-style char arrays.
  • Understand how vector insertion works
  • Be glad for C++

Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular assignment:

  • You must breadboard the circuits yourself, though you may get help from others if you get stuck.
  • You may discuss the code with other students for this lab.
  • You must enter all the code yourself and not copy from another student.

Part 1:  Music Player cont. (sound_updated.ino)

Using the Music Player setup from Project 7:  (save your new file as sound_updated.ino)

Step 1 :  Adding pauses and note stretches 

Look up the Arduino tone() function to understand how it works.

You must take into consideration the special characters (space and '-') when you're playing your melody. Your program will have to keep track of time in order to make the melody sound right. Consider the difference between these two inputs:

input: aaa 
  440Hz (190ms) then quiet (10ms)   
  440Hz (190ms) then quiet (10ms)    
  440Hz (190ms) then quiet (10ms)    

input: a--
  440Hz (200ms)
  440Hz (200ms)
  440Hz (200ms)

The first plays three distinct "A" notes. The second produces one long "A" note. A space in the input should just play 200ms of silence. When you're ready you can test your program using these melodies:
Mary Had a Little Lamb: 
agfgaaa ggg aaa agfgaaaaggagf 

Yankee Doodle:
ffgafag ffgaf-e- ffgaAagfecdef-f-

Save your file as sound_updated.ino and submit to Canvas.
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Function playNotes  Pseudocode

Loop through array


            if note is a dash  ‘-‘       //keep playing last note 200ms

                        delay 200ms

            if note is a space      // 32 = space  play 200ms silence

                        stop tone

                       delay 200ms

            if note is  a newline ‘\n’    //end

                        stop tone

                        delay 200ms


            otherwise                           //play the note

                        turn off last note

                        delay 10ms

                        play note

                        delay 190ms

End of loop through array

Extra Credit (5 pts)

The following are worth extra credit points:

In the sound_updated.ino program, save 5 tunes in an array of Strings and allow the user to play the tunes in the array by entering the numbers 1 through 5. (5 points). 

Grading Criteria (20) + 5 pts Extra Credit