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CodeLab Information for Spring 2018

What is CodeLab?

CodeLab is an online program for learning and practicing computer programming. CodeLab is available to you anywhere you have access to the world wide web. It is delivered and supported by a company called Turing's Craft. Their home page is

How to Start Using CodeLab

The first 10 exercises in CodeLab are free so you can start doing the CodeLab homework before paying. But first you must register to get a username and password and put yourself on your instructor's CodeLab roster.

  1. Go to --OR--
  2. Click "Register for CodeLab"
  3. Choose "STUDENT: I am in a course that uses CodeLab." and click CONTINUE
  4. Enter the Section Access Code shown below and click CONTINUE:
    Course Your Section Enter This Code
    CS-11 104143 CABR-26159-XLSK-35
  5. Continue filling out the forms being careful to enter a VALID email address and first and last names.

Note: It is important that you enter your actual name during the registration so that your instructor can give you credit for the work you do in CodeLab. Also, you must enroll in, and complete exercises in, the correct section of CodeLab to get credit on an assignment.

How to Login to CodeLab

  1. Go to --OR--
  2. Click "Login to CodeLab"

    Your email address is your initial login, which you can change within CodeLab.

How to Get Full Access

To submit answers to the exercises after the first 10 you must purchase CodeLab access. You can purchase with a credit card or send them a check.

  1. Login to CodeLab
  2. Click LOBBY
  3. Click the button, "Get Full Access"
  4. Follow the directions for the various payment options

Payment options include PayPal, credit card, check (for a $2 handling fee), and payment keys.

Changing Sections

If you enrolled in the wrong section, you can change sections:

  • Log in
  • Load current section
  • Click the green 3 bars in the upper right corner and select Account
  • Find and click link "Change Course or Section"
  • Follow the instructions from there

Note: do NOT change to the MASTER section as it is for instructor use and is not graded.

In Case of Problems

If you have problems with access or payment, please contact CodeLab Customer support at: