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Assignment 13 Final Project Design & Prototype


  • Write down your Final Project Design
  • Get a prototype of your Final Project working
  • Demo your prototype to your Instructor

Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular assignment:

  • You are expected to work alone on this project to show what you have learned about C++.
  • You may not give a copy of your code to another person until after the due date for the project.
  • You may not look at another person's code until after the due date for the project.
  • You may get help from people, such as tutors, if you get stuck, but only if they do not show or tell you the code to type.
  • Do not copy or modify code from the internet or other sources without attribution. Copying code snippets from the instructor's lesson examples without attribution is allowed.

Grading Criteria (20pts)

  1. Design Document (10pts)  Turn in hardcopy copy or printout to Strelitz Monday,  May 7.
  2. Working Prototype (10pts) Demo to Strelitz before or after class Monday,  May 7.

Total Possible: 20 pts


Be sure that you have read the Final Project Specifications carefully HERE and at the top of the Schedule page.

Project 1:  Design Document (10 pts)

1.  Your document must be a minimum of 1-2 pages.  
2.  Your document may be handwritten or you can use a computer tool.
3.  Your design document must contain 4 parts:
        a)  What will your program do?  Describe the things that your program will do in some detail.
        b)  what does the user interface look like?  What is displayed when your program starts up?  What is displayed as your program runs?   What is displayed at the end of your program?  You do not need to show every planned output of your program.
        c)  What is the C++ class that you will use in your program?  Write out the full class declaration with comments on non-trivial methods.
        d)  What is the logic flow of your program?   Starting from main(),  what other functions will be called and in what sequence?  You can use a flow chart here or something similar.
4.   Turn in a hardCOPY of your document to me on Monday,  May 7,  not your original document.
HERE is a sample design document

Project 2:  Working Prototype (10 pts)

1.  You must build a working prototype of your project.  This means that you will have a program that works and performs some preliminary function that your Final Project will do.  

    For example if you are building an app that people will use to calculate their income if they get a 5% raise every year for some number of years.  A prototype might be the user interface that explains to the user what the program will do and then asks the user what their current income is and how many years they would like it calculated for.  You could also ask them the percentage to use for calculation.  Get this part working and demo it.

You could leave the actual calculation for later.

2.  You will demo your working prototype to the instructor either before or after class on Monday,  May 7.  

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