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Assignment 11 I/O


  • Practice with File I/O

Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular assignment:
  • Most importantly, you undermine your own self confidence when you cheat, because you know you didn't accomplish the assignment without cheating.
  • You may not give/show/post a copy of your code to anyone else.
  • You may not look at another student's code until you complete and submit this assignment.
  • You may get help from other people but only if they do not show or tell you the code to type.
  • Remember that the instructor performs similarity tests on programming project submissions, and copied or plagiarized code is usually very easy to detect.

Grading Criteria (25pts + Extra Credit 3pts)

For each part: 10 pts: File Header 1pt, Function Headers 1pt, Compiles 2pts, Proper Formatting 1pt, Works as Specified 10pts

  1. babynames.cpp (20pts)
  2. Self-Check questions (5pts)
  3. Extra Credit: xcbabynames.cpp (3pts)

Total Possible: 25 pts + Extra Credit 3pts

Project Specifications

Your solutions to these projects must use only techniques we have covered so far.

Programming Style

For all programs, remember to follow all the style rules we have covered, as well as the newer rules, including:

  1. Class naming conventions 
  2. Indentation in classes and placement of curly braces
  3. Every nontrivial function declaration (prototype) in the class must have a function comment block
  4. Every file has a file comment block
  5. No magic numbers 

Project 1:   Baby Names

After you have completed the text reading assignment for this week,  see pg. 356-357 in your text.   Type the babynames.cpp file into a file on your computer.  Call it babynames.cpp
Compile and run it using this file: babynames.txt   Be sure you save your txt file with Unix line endings.  In Notepad++: set Edit > EOL Conversion > UNIX Format

Project 2: Self Check Questions

On pg. 357 of your text (2nd Edition)  there are 5 self check questions.  Answer all 5 questions in the COMMENT area of this
Canvas Assignment 11.

Extra Credit (3 pts)

1)   Implement either Question 4 or Question 5 of the Self-Check Questions on Page 357 of your text by modifying your babynames.cpp program.  Call your new program xcbabynames.cpp

Be sure to modify your file header comment to indicate which modification you have made.

Subpages (1): babynames.txt