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Assignment 6 Midterm 1 Prep


  • Prepare for the midterm.
  • Help other students study for the midterm.

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Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular lab:

  • You must write the questions yourself and not copy from another person or source.
  • You may discuss the test questions with other students for this lab.
  • You may get ideas for test questions from other students, but must write the actual question in your own words.
  • For any ideas you use from another student or person, you must give them credit by stating their name in parenthesis like: (idea for this question was from Emma Programmer).

In addition, read the Assessment Integrity part of the syllabus to ensure you understand what is expected of you during an exam.

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Project Specifications

There are two parts to this assignment with different due dates.

  1. The first part is to help you prepare self-study questions for the midterm exam for yourself and other students. This part is due Wed. Mar. 6
  2. The second part is to complete a review question worksheet, which is to be turned in to the Instructor before the Midterm on Mon. Mar. 11

Suggested Study Order 

Yes,  this will take more than a couple of hours.

1.  Review Quiz 1 & Quiz 2.  Make sure you can answer all the questions.

2.  Review the Test Topics list below and make sure you can write code snippets for each topic.

3.  Finish the Assignment 6 Midterm 1 Prep

4.  Review the code in each Assignment.  Completed code for each Assignment is at the bottom of each Assignment.

5.  Review the code in KEY SAMPLE CODE at the top of the Schedule Page.

Part 1: Self-Study Question Specification

Exam Topics Assignments (Instructions follow):

  1. Compiling, errors and debugging: (1.3.5, 2.1.1, 2.4)
  2. Variable declaration: (2.2.2, 3.1)
  3. Variable assignment flow: (3.1.4, Exercise 3.1)
  4. User I/O: (2.2.3, 3.2.4)   
  5. Arithmetic: (2.3.1-3, 4.1.1)
  6. Integer division and modulus: (2.3.4)  
  7. Math functions: (2.3.5)
  8. Type char and ASCII: (3.2.1) 
  9. Type string: (3.2.2-3)  
  10. String concatenation: (3.2.5)  
  11. String functions: (3.2.6)  
  12. if-statements: (3.3.1) 
  13. if-else statements: (3.3.4)  
  14. Relational operators: (3.3.2-3)  
  15. Exponential notation: (4.1.2)  
  16. Decimal formatting: (4.1.3)  
  17. Constants and magic numbers: (4.1.4)  
  18. Assignment operators: (4.1.5)  
  19. Type casting: (4.1.6)    
  20. Integer range and overflow: (4.1.7)  
  21. Numeric precision: (4.1.7) 
  22. Multiple alternatives: (4.2.2-3)  
  23. Nested branches: (4.2.4)  
  24. Boolean variables : (4.2.5)  
  25. Boolean (logical) operators: (4.2.6)   
  26. Loops and while statements: (4.3, 5.1-5.3)  
  27. Strings and Characters (6.1)  
  28. Arrays (6.2)   

This part is to help you prepare self-study questions for the midterm exam.

  1. For your assigned topic from class, look through the lecture notes and textbook to gain an in-depth understanding of the material.
  2. Prepare a list of two (2) non-trivial questions on your assigned topic.
  3. Prepare the correct answer to both of your questions.
  4. After developing your questions, have another student try the questions and provide feedback. Correct any issues discovered with this quality check
  5. Post the questions (not the answers) in the Discussions area of Canvas titled "Midterm 1 Study Questions".

    Please post in the text box provided. Do NOT upload the questions as an attachment. However, you may upload attachments for images or other supporting files.

  6. In your posting, include the name of the student who tested your questions like:
    Questions reviewed by: Emma Programmer

       7.  We will go over your questions in class on Wed.,  with the students trying to answer your 2 questions.   You will let the students know your answer to each question and then post your answer in a reply to your question in the discussion.

Part 2: Review Worksheet

Complete the worksheet here. Turn in the handwritten paper copy before the test.