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Assignment 1

A1-Getting Started

Project Specifications

Complete the following assignment specifications so we can get acquainted more easily. Specifications are requirements you must meet to get full credit.

Project 1: Student Information Form

Complete and submit the following Student Information form.

CS-11 Student Information Spring 2018

Your photo

Project 2: Uploading a Picture

Upload a clear, easily recognizable headshot photo of yourself to Canvas along with the rest of your assignment files.

Note that I am NOT asking you to post your image to your account or in a public area of Canvas. Instead, I am asking that the image file be uploaded to an area of Canvas that only you (and I) can see, which is the assignment turn-in area. Only the instructor and the student can see what you turned in. The purpose of the image is simply to help me learn your name.

Please limit the file size of images to one megabyte or less. Please include only yourself in the image. If I cannot easily identify your face from the image, you will not get full credit.


Project 3: Exploring Coding

The purpose of this project is to give you an intuitive grasp of important programming concepts. While completing this assignment, please pay particular attention to how the computer executes the instructions you give it in order!

  1. Start the hour of code here and select Minecraft Adventurer.

    Play the videos if you need help. If you get stuck, please let the instructor know so he can help.

  2. When finished with all the steps, click the "I've finished my Hour of Code" link.

    Hour of Code Link

  3. Add your full name (first and last) to personalize the certificate and then press the Submit button.

    Hour of Code Certificate

  4. Click on the certificate and it will take you to a new webpage with a larger picture of your certificate. Here is a link to an example certificate:

  5. Highlight the web address (URL) for your certificate in the browser bar and copy it (Ctrl + c).

    Hour of Code certificate address

  6. Paste (Ctrl + v) the entire URL into the comment area of Assignment 1 in Canvas to receive credit. Do NOT submit the certificate.


Project 4: Installing the Compiler on your personal computer

Make sure you follow the instructions exactly and think carefully about each step. Programmers need to be able to follow instructions carefully and exactly.

  1. Install g+++: Install Cygwin or the GCC/g++ compiler on a computer system, preferably the system you will use for your homework. Here are some instructions:

    For Linux systems, g++ is usually installed automatically with GCC. If not, use a search engine to look up the instructions. To verify your installation, use the Compiling and Running Programs instructions for the Mac.

  2. Compile a program: Verify your installation by compiling and running the hello.cpp program using one of the following sets of instructions. Turn in the executable program you create to Canvas.

    If you have problems, review the lecture notes or get help from a classmate, tutor or the instructor.

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Project 5: Coding a Name Banner

For this project write a C++ program that displays your name in banner-sized letters to the computer display. For example, the output of the program for the name Strelitz would be:

S        T    R   R  E      L        I      T      Z
 SSS     T    RRRR   EEE    L        I      T     Z   
    S    T    R  R   E      L        I      T    Z    
Project Specifications
  1. Write your name with cout statements to the terminal window in banner-sized letters like the above using a 5 character width by 5 character length (5x5) letters.
  2. The name of the source code file must be banner.cpp.
  3. Each banner letter must be made from the uppercase letters of the letter being created.
    For example, a banner "S" would be made of uppercase S's as shown above.
  4. Print at least 7 banner-sized letters and no more than 18.
    The example above has 8 banner-sized letters.
  5. No input is needed or allowed.
  6. Submit your file banner.cpp in Canvas to Assignment 1.

Completed banner.cpp code:

    CS-11 Assignment 1, banner.cpp
    Purpose: Print a Banner with your name

    @author Sharon Strelitz
    @version 1.0 01/05/2018
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
  cout << " SSS  H   H    AAA   RRR     O    N   N" << endl;
  cout << "S     H   H   A   A  R  R   O O   NN  N" << endl;
  cout << " SSS  HHHHH   AAAAA  RRR   O   O  N N N" << endl;
  cout << "    S H   H   A   A  R  R   O O   N  NN" << endl;
  cout << "SSSS  H   H   A   A  R   R   O    N   N" << endl;
  return 0;
} // end of main function

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Grading Criteria (20pts)

  1. Student Information Form 5 pts (no Canvas submission necessary, just submit the form)
  2. Student photo 5 pts (submit to Canvas A1)
  3. Hour of Code certificate URL 5 pts (submit to Canvas A1 in comment area)
  4. Name Banner 5 pts (submit banner.cpp to Canvas A1)
  5. Total possible: 20