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15A: Final Project Presentations

Questions, Answers and Review

  • Questions from last class?
  • Questions about homework?

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Project Demonstration

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Present their projects

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Project Presentation

  • Here are the steps for an effective project presentation

Before the Presentation

  • Every student must submit the entire project to Canvas before the presentation:
    1. All source code (.ino, .h, .cpp files)
    2. The Fritzing file containing the breadboard layout
    3. README.TXT project report with a list of how you met the code specs
    4. Any other file needed to make your project function.
  • Remember that there are no late submittals accepted for the project
  • If you have problems completing the project, then turn in what you have on time and come to class
  • Bring a paper copy of your written report and give to the instructor at the start of class
    • If you are using your paper for your presentation, be sure to bring an extra copy!
  • Also, be sure you have a quick way to access your project during class to minimize setup time
    • Flash drive (recommended in case of network problems)
    • Canvas
    • Online service

Project Setup

  • The best time to setup is before class
  • Copy your files to the instructor machine in your own folder on the Desktop
  • Verify your code compiles and your project loads its files
  • If you get stuck or do not know what to do, ask for help

During the Presentation

Present the following information:

  • State your name and the purpose of your project
  • Compile your code completely
  • Demonstrate your project, explaining aspects as you go
    • Show and explain all the extra-credit features
    • Point out the interesting effects so we can all appreciate them
    • Explain how the interesting effects or features work
  • Limit the presentation to 6 minutes or less

After the Presentation

  • Feel free to leave (or stay) after your presentation
  • You can present to the instructor alone after the other presentations are through
  • Remember to study for the final!

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