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14B: Final Exam Preparation

Questions, Answers and Review

  • Questions from last class?
  • Questions about homework?

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Final Exam Preparation

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Discuss how to prepare for the final exam
  • Describe how to take the final exam

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About the Final Exam

Important Final Exam Information

Scheduled time: Monday Dec. 11, 2017  1-4pm  
Location: regular classroom

  • You must attend the exam at the scheduled time or you will receive a score of zero (0)
    • Except by prior arrangement with the instructor for unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons
  • You must bring an Arduino and USB cable to the exam
  • You can only work on the exam during the scheduled time
    • So do not be late to the exam

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How the Final Exam Works

  • The final exam is a Lab Practical
  • This means that you must write code for the exam
  • You will be given several programming problems to solve
  • Successfully completing each problem is worth some number of points
    • Each problem has the number of points listed

Administration and Ground Rules

  • The exam is closed books and closed notes
  • However, you may have one 8.5" x 11" page of notes for the exam
  • Also, you may have one sheet of blank scratch paper
  • You must use a classroom computer for taking the exam and accessing Canvas
  • Your desktop computer must be unplugged from the internet during the Final.
  • You may use both an Arduino and the Arduino IDE to compile, upload and run code
    • Your code must compile to receive more than half-credit on the entire exam
    • Partial credit is available if you comment out your problem code
  • You may NOT use the computer to search the Internet
  • You may NOT use any electronic device during the exam except the computer in the classroom
    • Thus, you cannot use your own computer to take the exam
  • You may NOT communicate with anyone but the instructor during the exam

8.5"x11" Reference Page Requirements

  • Put your name on your reference page
  • Maximum card or paper size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • You may use both sides of the page
  • Notes must be handwritten and NOT photocopied
  • Notes cannot have any complete functions -- only code snippets
  • Any 8.5" x 11" cards violating these rules will result in failing the test
  • You must turn in your 8.5" x 11" card after the exam in any case

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What the Final Exam Covers

  • The final exam is cumulative -- you should know everything we have covered
  • However, the focus is on newer material introduced since the midterm
  • The following is a list of the newer code you should be capable of writing

Code You Should be Capable of Writing: 

  • Declaring classes
  • Declaring and defining member and non-member functions
  • Coding constructors with and without parameters
  • Constructing objects and calling their functions
  • Modifying (changing) values in an object 
  • Writing set and get functions for objects  
  • Defining and initializing arrays and vectors 
  • Accessing array and vector elements
  • Changing the size of a vector
  • Coding array and vector parameters and vector return values 
  • Processing arrays and vectors using loops, including vectors of objects
  • Coding common vector algorithms such as sorting, searching for, inserting and deleting elements
  • Developing recursive algorithms and functions
  • String manipulation

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Form a Study Group

  1. Form a Study Group with 1 or more students in the class
  2. Arrange to meet for at least 1 hour to study for the Final.  Set a time, day and place (STEM center?)
  3. Best study groups focus on Final prep and minimize other distractions. Help each other succeed. 
  4. Write your groups names, time, day and place on a sheet of paper and hand it in to your instructor.
  5. Remember that you should plan to spend 4-6 hours total preparing for your Final.  It is worth 100 points.

Suggested Study Order (yes,  this will take 4-6 hours or more): 

note: focus on C++ not hardware

1.  Finish the Practice Final.

2.  Review the Test Topics list above and make sure you can write code snippets for each topic.

3.  Review the code in KEY SAMPLE CODE (at top of Schedule page).  Make sure you understand and can write snippets of each sample code.

4.  Make sure you can write all 3 files of elevator (see in KEY SAMPLE CODE).

4.  Review Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Midterm 1, Quiz 3 and Midterm 2.  Make sure you can answer all the questions correctly.

Study Recommendations

  • Study over several sessions instead of one cram session
  • Review your homework assignments and solutions
  • Work through the Practice Final questions:
    • Work the problems in groups if it helps you
    • Get explanations for anything you do not understand

    Tip: Complete the entire practice exam.

Final Preparation Tips

  • Make notes on problems on the Practice Final that you had difficulty with
  • Make sure you know how to solve those types of problems
  • Review your notes and prepare your 8.5" x 11" reference page
  • Do a quick review just before bed to let your subconscious aid in long term memory.
  • Get plenty of rest before the exam

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Exam Taking Tips

  • Arrive at the examination room a little ahead of time.
  • Listen carefully to any oral instructions for taking the exam and read instructions carefully.
  • Read every word in each test question
  • Note that you do not need to comment code for the final exam
    • Unless specifically instructed to in the exam question
  • Use the full time allowed

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