Lesson 08: Midterm Reflection and More Functions

Learning from the Midterm

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Know what was missed on the midterm
  • Decide on what you need to do to improve your performance, if anything
  • Write code to respond to mouse clicks

7.1.1: Post Midterm Review

  • Everyone who did all the homework and completed the midterm study preparations fully passed the midterm
  • For difficult topics I suggest reviewing the notes and homeworks and getting help understanding -- and then practice until perfect!
  • If you believe a question was graded incorrectly, please email me an explanation
  • We will have another midterm before the final
  • Grading policies are listed in the¬†syllabus

7.1.2: Post Midterm Survey

  • Please complete the following survey to help future students and the instructor
  • Post Midterm Survey

  • Oftentimes students who get less than an "A" on the midterm wonder if they can still get an "A" in the course
  • Since this is the first midterm, the answer is "Yes" unless:
    • You have not completed most of the homework
    • AND you failed the midterm with < 50%
  • Even with the above, you can still pass the course and even get a "B"
  • However, you will need to start doing your homework fully and study more for the tests

Suggestions for Improving your Grade

  • Start planning and studying for the next midterm now
  • Take notes and rewrite them the day after a class meeting
  • Review your notes every week and identify possible exam problems
  • Analyze your homework and get help on items with which you have problems
  • Study with others by reviewing homework problems and practicing with possible exam questions
  • Use your instructors' office hours to ask questions about material you don't understand

Exercise 7.1: Midterm Self-Reflection

In this exercise we reflect on our progress in this course.

You Can Learn Anything: from the Khan Academy (1:30)

  • Brain research shows that we can grow our brain interconnections
  • Like a muscle, the more we work with our brain the more it grows
  • When things are easy our brain may grow a little
  • However, the most growth occurs when we struggle with things
  • Research shows that our brain grows the most when we get a question wrong
  • So if we did not do well on the midterm, we have an opportunity to grow our brain
  • When we review and understand why we got something wrong, that is when our brain grows the most
  • If we keep improving when we get something wrong, we are on our way to a more capable brain

Reflection (3m)

  1. Please take out a piece of paper and something to write with.

    There is no need to tear the paper out of a notebook. If you need paper or a writing tool, ask a classmate or the instructor for one.

  2. Reflect on the following questions and write down an answer for yourself:
    1. Are you achieving your goals for this course?
    2. What ways can you think of to improve your progress towards goals?
    3. What actions are you going to take to better meet your goals?

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