How To Get Your Personal Cabrillo Login and Password


Here are some instruction for obtaining your Cabrillo login and password. To use the computers in some classrooms, labs or the CTC, you will need a personal login and password. This same login and password is used to access Blackboard. To lookup your login and password, you must know your student ID number, which is shown on your registration receipt or in Web Advisor.

Every student enrolled in a computer course at Cabrillo has a unique personal login and password. You must use this login and password for Blackboard and to use the computers at Cabrillo. If you are adding a class then you will have to wait up to two business days after you enroll to get your login and password.

Until you get your own login and password, you may use the generic account shown below to login to computers in some classrooms (but not Blackboard).

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  1. Login to a school computer using the following generic account name and password (if applicable):
    Login: fall15
    Password: sunny

    Some classrooms may have a special generic login and password. If you have problems, ask the instructor or a classmate for help.

  2. Open a web browser
  3. Go to the Student Account Activation page
  4. Fill in the required information and click the submit button
  5. Record your individual account and password

Complete the following if your classroom computers use the unified login and password system.

  1. Logoff from the computer
  2. Start => Logoff
  3. Logon to the computer with your new account name and password.

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More Information

More information about the CTC is available at

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