Classroom Policies

In order to make our classroom a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, everyone is expected to abide by the following policies.

College Regulations and Resources

  • Smoking only in designated areas (see here)
  • Alcohol and controlled substances restricted while on campus (see here)
  • Parking is by permit only in all Cabrillo lots
  • Sheriff's escort is available (see here)
  • Mobile Alert Notification System (e2Campus)

General Classroom Policies

  • Please treat other students, the instructor, and guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Bigotry or prejudices of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Please listen when others are speaking.
  • Please do your best to be on-time for class. If you are late, enter quietly and find out what you missed from another student during a break or after class.
  • Please take your breaks during the break times. Do not leave the classroom in the middle of lectures or exercises.
  • For the courtesy of others, including the instructor, put cell phones and other noise makers on silent mode or turn them off. If you need to take a call, for some urgent or emergency reason, then please let the instructor know before class and then answer the call outside of the classroom.
  • Do not disrupt the classroom.
  • No food and drinks only in a spill-proof container.


  • The computers are in the classroom for instructional purposes relating to the current topic.
    • Do not install any software on the computers in the classroom unless instructed to by an instructor.
    • Do not change the desktop or default configurations of the computer unless directed to by an instructor.
  • Any misuse of the equipment will not be tolerated.
  • During class, you may use the computers in the classroom only at specified times, except with prior permission from the instructor.
  • The computers cannot be used for any other purposes during class (excluding breaks) including:
    • No surfing other web sites
    • No using email
    • No chatting or instant messaging
    • No playing games

If you cannot abide by these policies, please withdraw from the class.