0. Preliminary Design


Problems with Tanner conference :
  1. Hard to coordinate with and invite friends
  2. Inconvenient to search up presentations when away from a computer/ in booklet when on the go

Create an app that allows you to
  1. Search Tanner presentations on Tandora Database
    1. Search by
      1. Tags (in a list picker)--What if the user wants to use multiple keywords...?
      2. Themes (in a list picker)
      3. Time (in a list picker)
    2. Selecting one will display titles of presentations (in another list picker)
    3. Clicking a title will display all Tanner information on screen in a “package,” a neatly organized chart (using individual TinyWebDB?)
  2. Share Tanner information (title, time, room, presenter, abstract, and current GPS location) to friends through email, texts, and tweets
Likes! communicating within the app!
coordination of invite, or

  1. How does Grafitti work? How do you add people to join a group messaging conversation? Does everyone need to have the same URL/ app to join it? We’re trying to figure out how to edit who’s in your “circle” and what happens when you add a name to that circle. Does the user need to add in their friend’s phone number, send them a URL or a text saying “hey you’re added to my circle”?
  2. How does accessing the Tanner Database work? Is it organized by Tanner Presentation numbers? Will typing in one number call all its information (title, presenter, time etc)?
  3. Is Number 4 a feasible task because Google Maps can’t detect locations/ distances within a building like the Science Center. What do you think we can do in terms of incorporating locations within our application?


  • Add in email option to send information to someone not using the app
  • Expand focus to outside of Tanner