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There is also a visual representation ("mind map") of the material we will cover in The Socio-Technological Web course.

: You must read the "Material" and the "News item" before class, and come prepared for discussion on them.
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DateidLecture TitleMaterialNews itemQuiz/HW
DateidLecture TitleMaterialNews itemQuiz/HW
September 6, 2012 L00 Overview; Logistics What is Web 2.0 (video) How many of these ideas are related to CS114 themes? Entry Questionnaire 
September 7, 2012 Lab-01 Lab01: CS Accounts, ftp and basic html    
September 10, 2012 L01 Digital Footprints BITS Ch. 1 Watch Dertouzos' interview with Charlie Rose Quiz #1 
September 13, 2012 L02 Static pages; HTML TBL Ch. 1-2 History of the web  
September 14, 2012 Lab-02 Lab02: Introduction to HTML  Facebook in Privacy Breach   
September 17, 2012 L03 Online Social Networks HCE Ch. 1 Tale of a lost cellphone HW#1 
September 18, 2012 Strongly encouraged How Mexicans are Using Social Media to fight Narco-Censorship ... Talk by Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Ph.D. in PNW 212, 4:15 PM Narcotweets: Social Media in War time  
September 20, 2012 L04 Representation of characters, Unicode, programs CS110 Lecture on Representation On the Goodness of Unicode  
September 21, 2012 Lab-03 Lab03: Decimal, Binary, Hex Representation    
September 24, 2012 L05 Location Detection BITS Ch. 2 Mapping traffic's toll on wildlife HW#2 
September 27, 2012 L06 Representation of images, colors, movies BITS Ch. 3 Burst of Technology Helps Blind to See  
September 28, 2012 Lab-04 Lab04: Hex and Images    
October 1, 2012 L07 Representation of Location, URLs TBL Ch. 3-4 Google Plan With Verizon Disillusions Some Allies Quiz #2 
October 4, 2012 L08 Protocols, HTTP BITS Appendix   
October 5, 2012 Lab-05 Lab05: File sizes, Image formats & TCP/IP    
October 8, 2012  No class - Fall break    
October 11, 2012 L09 Dynamic pages; XML, WebDBs  Why Johnny Can't Program: A New Medium Requires A New Literacy Quiz 3 
October 12, 2012 Lab-06 Lab06:on Cascading Style Sheets - CSS CSS lecture in CS110   
October 15, 2012 L10 Search Engines; Crawling and indexing; Querying the SEs BITS Ch. 4 Classroom lessons and resources (At  
October 18, 2012 L11 The shape of the Web Why is the shape of the Web a bowtie? Souped-up Search Engines  
October 19, 2012 Lab-07 Lab 07: Dreamweaver    
October 22, 2012 L12 Information reliability, PageRank, Web Spam On the evolution of search engine rankings Real-Life Lessons in Using Google AdWords  HW#3 
October 25, 2012 L13 Multimedia search engines BITS Ch. 4 New Puzzles That Tell Humans From Machines  
October 26, 2012 Lab-08 Lab08: Computing PageRank  Luis von Ahn on DuoLingo  
October 29, 2012 L14 Private communications, cookies, HTTPS, certificates Lecture on Cookies The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets HW#4 
November 1, 2012 L15 Cryptography BITS Ch. 5 Alan Turing and the Enigma machine Paper Theme DUE 
November 2, 2012 Lab-09 Lab09: Cookies    
November 5, 2012 L16 Public Keys BITS Ch. 5 How to encrypt your email Paper outline DUE 
November 8, 2012 L17 Representation of Sound, Music, MP3s; Digital Rights Ownership BITS Ch. 6  Oy Tenenbaum! RIAA wins $675,000, or $22,500 per song  
November 9, 2012 Lab-10 Lab10: Cryptography    
November 12, 2012 L18 P2P Technologies; Copyright BITS Ch. 6 Google vs Viacom  
November 15, 2012 L20 Characteristics of Social Networks EK2-Graphs The Oracle of Bacon Quiz#4 
November 16, 2012 Lab-11 Lab 11: Appinventor - HelloKitty   Final Draft DUE 
November 19, 2012 L19-MIDTERM Take-home midterm exam   Midterm takehome exam due 
November 22, 2012 L20 No class, no lab - Thanksgiving    
November 26, 2012 L21 From Pre-Web technologies to Smart Mobs How to create a Smart Mob: Understanding a Social Network Capital Clay Shirky: How Social Media can make history  
November 29, 2012 L22 Understanding Programming Languages What is AppInventor (skim over) Wikipedia article on PL Quiz#5 
November 30, 2012 Lab-12 Lab 12:Exercise and OnLineTime apps    
December 3, 2012 L23 First Student Presentations   Final Paper DUE 
December 6, 2012 L24 Student Presentations    
December 7, 2012 Lab-13 Lab-13: TBA    
December 10, 2012 L25 Remaining Student Presentations and Epistemology of Knowledge  The argumentative ape The four brains 
December 11, 2012 L26 Worries and Opportunities for Human 2.0 BITS Ch. 9 (Conclusion) Text Messages: Digital Lipstick on the Collar HW#5 
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