PaintPot Worksheet

1.  when RedButton.Click                            when BlueButton.Click
        set Canvas1.PaintColor-->Red                set Canvas1.PaintColor-->Blue

2. when BigButton.Click                                when SmallButton.Click
        set global DotSize to-->number 8            set global DotSize to-->number 2

3. Parameters are the information a function needs to peform its job. Event parameters are provided by the system and give information about the event. The programmer set the value of a parameter.

a. In PaintPot the variable you define is the DotSize
b. You define it by creating a memory cell called DotSize. def DotSize to.
Once you define it the blocks that appear in "My Definitions" are global DotSize and set global DotSize.
c. You don't define a variable for PaintColor because there is already a built-in variable for PaintColor in the Canvas property.
d. A variable is something that can be changed. It is a named memory cell. A property is a memory cell also, but it is pre-defined data for a component.