Student Testimonials

The following are student comments about the App Inventor course from an anonymous survey:

This course helped me see how powerful modern technology really is.  Before this class, I never in a million years thought that creating apps for phones was so accessible and simple to create/test.  I now have a huge amount of respect for professional computer programmers and the people who program very complex applications for any device.  I enjoy learning about computers much more because of this class, but I am also very intimidated by how gigantic the computing world is.


Yes.  I can actually participate in conversations about Computer Science when before I used to check out and not listen because I figured it was just something I didn't understand.


It has, I thought we were going to be in a dark room working with these creepy monitors and everything would be code text but it is not. Its hands on, fun and a good challenge


In Advertising, it is important to know how to connect to people.  Since the internet and phones are major sources of communication in the modern world, having the ability to utilize these devices properly and in a sophisticated way is essential when sending out messages to the general public.  Computer Science give people the ability to take technology a step further than the general public and create their own, personalized message or source of information for everyone else to see.

Did the course meet your expectations?

I thought the program is great, especially for non-majors.  I am not a CS major and I don't know much about computers, but after this class I feel more confident.

I was not sure what to expect from this course.  I am not very good at math and I did not think that I would do that well.  But the class turned out to be a lot of fun and I learned so much.

I think that this course was more difficult than I expected it would be.  I didn't realize how much critical thinking would be involved.  It turned out to be more similar to math than I had expected.

This course went past expectations. I feel I have been given a very thorough introduction and overview of computer programming.

Building working applications based on my ideas alone was exciting and the problem solving taught me many fundamental programming techniques.

Yes very much I learned how to build apps for a Mobil platform that is slowly emerging as a dominant played to the mobil phone market.  I enjoyed writing programs for the phone so much that I am going to take intro to CS next semester.

Learning all the components of App Inventor was interesting because it introduced me to new terminology and variables that could be used to build applications. Building the applications for the phone and web were interesting because I had never done anything like this before.

Did the course change the way you think about computer science?

Yes this course did change my way of thinking about computer science. I found out that computer science is present in almost every aspect of our life and it is not very difficult if you have the right tools that are necessary.

No, this just give me the idea of computer science is something much bigger than I think

Yes because of the way app inventor allows your to learn programming I feel that it is much easier to understand and succeed.

 I don't regard CS as being so inaccessible. I've learned that I don't need all sorts of expensive hardware and software downloads, just access to the cloud to fulfill all my computational needs.

Yes, it's a lot more difficult than I thought initially.

Yes.  I thought it was kind of nerdy, but not anymore.

It is not as vague and enigmatic as I perceived it to be. The word "database" put me off before, but now I understand the concepts and the hard work.

Yes, I now have a huge respect for people who do this because I think it is one of the more difficult majors.

Yes, it allowed me to get a glimpse into the computer science field and showed me that you can learn programming.

It opened a new view on how interesting the workings of computers are.

Yeah, I used to think that no one could program except CS people. Now, I've made dozens of applications for the Android Phone!