App Inventor Android Programming Contest

CS 107: Computing, Robots and the Web
May 18, 2010




project descriptions:

Contest Judges

Sharon Perl, Sr. Software Engineer, Google
Mark Friedman, Sr. Software Engineer, Google
Karen Parker, App Inventor Project Manager, Google
Marcelo Camperi, Dean, USF College of Arts and Sciences
Chris Brooks, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Brandon Brown, Professor, Physics, USF
David Wolber, Professor, Computer Science, USF (Course Instructor)

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Hal Abelson
, on the vision behind Google's App Inventor

Ten years ago, people's use of computing was largely dissociated from real life. With the ubiquity of social
networking, online and offline life are becoming fused. This fall's exploration is motivated by the vision that
open mobile platforms like Android can bring some of that same change to introductory Computer Science,
to make it more about people and their interactions with others and with the world around them. It's a vision
where young people—and everyone—can engage the world of mobile services and applications as creators,
not just consumers.

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