Google has provided us with 20 Android Phones and access to a new programming language, App Inventor for Android. Their vision is "a world where young people—and everyone—can engage the world of mobile services and applications as creators, not just consumers."

This class was first run as a Google pilot program. It targets non-computer science students and shares Google's vision of introductory computer science that is 'more about about people and their interactions with others and with the world around them.' And not about sitting in a lab writing programs that nobody will ever use.

The students in this course will:
  • Learn how to program (a mobile phone and the web).
  • Become better problem solvers.
  • Explore mobile and cloud computing and its effect on society.
  • Create the next killer app for the Android Phone!
2010 Programming Contest   see all apps  more pics
1st place winners Hank Scholz and Max Friedman for DroidMuni
Google App Inventor Team/USF Professors Pick the Winners

USF Android Market (apps built by 2010 class)

SF Chronicle article about the Fall '09 class:

Fall '09 Student comments on class

Thinking about a CS Minor? It's a great addition to any resume.

Course Notes (alpha version):

Fall 2009 course