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Welcome to CS 100, Discovering Computer Science for:
Fall 2013 (not the current semester)

Course meets: Mon, Wed, Fri  1-1:50, DH 220 (See map).   
Labs are in SEL 2249, Mon starting at 8, 9 or 10. We do not have lab the first day of class!

General Information

    Instructor:Dale Reed
    Office:SEO 917
    Phone:(312) 413-9478
    email:reed @ uic.edu
    On the Web:http://bit.ly/dalereed (or just do a Google search on Dale Reed)
    Office Hours:See above web page
    You Need: 

    1. Blown to Bits, by Abelson, Ledeen, & Lewis. It includes links to download the book for free as a pdf .

    2. A standard bound composition notebook, size 9.75 x 7.5 inches.

    3. We will also be using iClickers in class, both for anonymous impromptu questions as well as for pop quizzes.  The iClicker 2 (~$43) is sold in the UIC bookstore.  The iClicker version (iClicker 1) is fine as well.  Do not use web-Clicker, which runs on a smartphone or laptop, as this results in a delay when used in class..  You will need to use Blackboard to register your iClicker with your identity.

    Make sure that you are on the class email list. I will be sending class email to your UIC email, so if you read your mail somewhere else be sure to forward your email. Please send email to me requesting to be added to the list if you do not receive an email from me by the beginning of the second week of class. I'm assuming students check email every day. All critical announcements, changes to assignments, etc. will be distributed via email.

    You will be given the opportunity to take a make-up exam only in cases of medical or personal emergencies, which must be verified. If such an emergency occurs, call me or leave a note (or phone message) with the department secretary as soon as possible. If you will be out of town when an exam is scheduled, I must be told in advance and may require you to take the exam early. Otherwise, if you miss an exam you will receive 0 points.

    You are responsible for all information (handouts, announcements, notes, etc.) covered during class. You should look at any online copies of notes and ask fellow classmates for missed information, not the instructor or the T.A.

    No incompletes will be given for poor performance in the course. An incomplete can only be given if there are extenuating circumstances and the student has at least a 'C' average in the course. No extra work or extra credit will be given.

    If you feel that you deserve more points than you have been given on a quiz, assignment, or test, you must see the instructor about this within one week of the time the work in question is first returned to the class. After this deadline, no claims will be considered, justifiable or not.

    For those who register late for the course, the class average on graded assignments so far will be assigned.

    Be sure to check the course web page for further information, handouts, programming assignment descriptions, and hints.

Course Grading Criteria

    40%    10 Assignments 
    20%    2 Midterm exams   
      5%    Lab Quizzes
      5%    Lab Activities
    30%    In-class Journals, class clickers, Group Presentations

    Letter grades are assigned on a curve at the end of the semester. If your grade is right on the borderline of the next highest grade, I will consider whether or not you were a "good citizen" on the discussion boards.

    Quizzes will be given during during the first few minutes of class and lab, and will be based on the assigned activities and readings. In-class quizzes will likely use iClickers. No makeup quizzes will be given, but the lowest quiz grade will be dropped. Lab exercises will be assigned during lab and must be completed during that lab session. Labs are graded on a 3 point scale (0: didn't do it, 1: some effort, 2: average, 3: outstanding). The lowest Lab grade will be dropped.

    Journals will be used for reflection during class, and will likely also be passed around for others to comment upon.  Both the original writing and comments may be graded. Be sure to write legibly.  If I or your fellow students cannot read your writing then a grade of 0 may be given.

    Classes will often involve group work, with groups selected for giving presentations to the whole class.  In group presentations each group member must participate.


Assignments are due at 12 noon on the day due unless otherwise stated. No late assignments will be accepted. Turning in a program consists of posting it on your google site.

Academic Dishonesty and Student Conduct

    Students are expected to treat other class members with respect, making a genuine effort on all assignments, discussions and class activities.   If you want to use a computing device to access non-course-related content, then you must sit in the back row so you will not distract anyone else in class.

    Any student caught cheating on an exam or program will automatically fail the course and may be referred to the department chair and/or dean.  The same penalty would apply if you were to use someone else's iClicker to give them credit when they are not there.   

    You may not get help of any kind from anyone else for the midterm and final exams. These exams must be exclusively your own work.


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