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Story: Begin.

you dont remember anything... atleast not right now.
a sentence keep flowing throught your head: "choose your element of magick."
what element should you choose?

> Choose carbon.
carbon. an earth element. having both the abilities of the hardest diamond, and the weakest graphite. the ability to control and create from the very soil of earth itself. thats is the element you have chosen.

you wake up. a voice inside you says: "come closer, friend."

> Become scared, as you are being asked to come closer to yourself.
you become a little scared, not because of the voice asking, but because its not your inner voice! someone else is calling you!

> Condense yourself a little more.
condense? like water does? how?!

>  use the power of CARBON
something calls to you to use your newfound abilities! right! this voice could be dangerous!

you invoked the magick: LVL 1 SHIELD MAGICK: GRAPHITE SHIELD!

>Lift your hair up to reveal your diamond eye.

hmm? oh right... i lost my eye! i totally forgot!

a light brightens up in the other end of the room.
the same unfamiliar voice says: "come closer, friend! i wont harm you..."

also you have a sudden lust to write on walls... but you have no pencil!

> Throw one graphite rock at it to see how it responds. Because if it won't hurt you, it will A: let itself get hurt or B: move aside and not get angry.


it looks ok... it didnt really do anything at all...

>  Ride GRAPHITE SHIELD as trusty mount to BRIGHT THING
it does sound ridiculous, but its actually allotta fun!

>  Dramatic pose while on GRAPHITE SHIELD

> Have poor depth perception.
WOO!!! THIS IS... ooowww...

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