Becoming a Patroller

What does it take to join the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol?

First you must contact the Patrol Director and arrange an interview and a ski along.
Then you must join the National Ski Patrol  and enroll in an Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) class.
Crystal Mountain Patroller Training
We use the OEC course as our standard of care when treating patients at Crystal Mountain Resort. OEC is a required course for membership in the NSP and the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol. This course normally takes 12 to 14 weeks and covers many topics in first aid and emergency care. After completing the OEC course you will then be able to patrol at the area and provide first aid services as a Candidate Patroller.                            



We then start working on your Ski and Toboggan certification.We use a self-paced hill training program to measure your ability and to train you in the on-hill skills needed to patrol.You will receive instruction in NSP Toboggan Handling skills used in transporting patients.  You will be training with other patrollers and as well as receive individual instruction. We use the PSIA and NSSA programs as the basis for Ski and Snowboard training for our patrollers. This on-the-hill training usually takes one to two winter seasons to complete and is done while you are patrolling at the area.


As you can see, completing the training and course work is a major time commitment. But the friends you make and the people you help while enjoying this wonderful outdoor sport is worth it. As a new member you will be required to ski 18 shifts each winter until you complete your training and are considered a full patroller. You will receive benefits as a Candidate after completing your OEC course. These benefits include different ski pass options for your family and friends. If you are interested in joining our patrol, please complete an application by following the link below.  Once it is submitted, the Patrol Director will contact you.  Thank you for your interest.


                        If you have further questions please contact the Patrol Director at