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The Fraser Canyon Express is an online newspaper serving Boston Bar, North Bend, Lytton, Hope and surrounding areas in the Scenic Fraser Canyon, British Columbia, Canada.  It's a great way to keep tabs on friends and family from the ol' home town.  

About Us & Contact- Information on publication dates, services we provide, advertising rates and how to get in touch with us. 

Francis Harrington Park Project- Until the mid -80's North Bend on the other side of the Fraser River from Boston Bar, could only be reached by an Aerial Ferry.  The Cog Harrington Bridge was built and travel between the two communities became a simple matter.  The Aerial Ferry sat behind the Family Place building until summer 2007 when a dedicated team of volunteers  decided to do something.  Follow the progress of the project with beautiful photos.

Community Information - Population stats, service groups, business listings, School info, community maps and more.  Statistics as of 2009

 Shop Local- Browse local art and products  available  in the Fraser Canyon

Links- The best the web has to offer for locals and visitors alike who want to learn more about the area.  

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Archives-   Some of the best of  The Fraser Canyon Express  from 2001 & 2002  including the complete  "North Bend Recollections"

Canyon Photo Album- A gorgeous collection of photos from the Fraser and Thompson Canyons.  Go on an historical photo tour or visit other online Fraser Canyon Photo Albums 

 The Other End of the Pen -  Visit the Editor's blog

Michael Kluckner- A Canadian artist and writer. Author of            

                                 "VANISHING BRITISH COLUMBIA"

                                  UBC Press/University of Washington Press, 2005

                                                                                          ISBN 0-7748-1125-0

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CPR Empress

Monster Matsutake Mushrooms (Pines)


Old Alexandra Bridge


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