LIBREE - Life & Information Behaviour Research in Everyday Experience

Research foci

LIBREE is composed of a variety of initiatives exploring the field of Information Behaviour through various groups of people, contexts, and practices.

Research Areas:


User-Generated Content


YouTube, Facebook, a personal web page …  The information innovators among us are diverse and highly creative.  And they are creating a whole new world of information!


We are currently exploring this new and exciting area of research.  Watch this space for news!




What role does leisure play in our lives? What activities occupy our free or non-work time?  Leisure offers a valuable context and construct for examining information behaviour, a different lens through which we can see how information affects us when we are at play.


Recent projects related to the world of leisure and information behaviour include

  • Networking for Leisure: Connections, Community & Information Behaviour
  • Leisurely Pursuits: Community and Social Inclusion Through Irish Lacemaking



This area includes traditional and flexible, alternative means of working, such as eWork and mobile working.  Although some definitions might limit the parameters of work, we include all areas where people might consider themselves to be at work, e.g., homemakers and students.


Home, Family, and Community


How can information lead to social inclusion for individuals and groups?  We explore a range of life situations, ranging from older adults living in isolation to the unaccompanied minor emigrating to a new home, and the issues that accompany these circumstances.