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    LIBREE - Life and Information Behaviour in Everyday Experience

Information permeates every aspect of our daily lives.  LIBREE - Life and Information Behaviour in Everyday Experience - is an international research community of researchers and information professionals dedicated to exploring the multiple ways in which information touches our lives everyday.  Our research investigates our interactions with information in all contexts, including the workplace, home, and leisure. 

Our specific goals include the following:

  • To bring together and collaborate with researchers around the world who share an interest in individual and group interactions with information
  • To increase understanding of information issues and practices encountered by people daily
  • To bring theory and practice together through our work
  • To utilize and develop methods of inquiry, including new and existing qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • To contribute rigorous research meeting the highest standards of quality and ethics to the scholarly and professional communities

For a breakdown of research under the umbrella of LIBREE, see our Research Foci.