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Watch ABC 7 Interview with Co-Founder Gary Nogard
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6/11/10: UNDER WATER Video.  Thanks to Ryan Brown! 

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6-12-10 Fly over Gulf of Mexico including Venice Florida


Monday June 7th:
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Just added: Scientist provides forecast on where the oil will go and not go.  Forward this link to your customers and friends.

Scientist forecasts Oil Path

Our first flight over the Gulf of Mexico 6-7-10

Flight Info


Check Back later tonight to see more footage from this first one of a kind project to help our neighbors keep their jobs and businesses.

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How Clean are Florida Beaches?

The Crystal Clear Florida team took to the skies and broadcasted live video showing the world the current and accurate status of Florida's beaches. See for yourself if the heavily reported oil spill comes even close to the Florida beaches.

Note - Crystal Clear Florida is not a "not for profit".  Crystal Clear Florida is a coalition of businesses collaborating to get the accurate word out about the state of our beaches and coast line. 

We are doing this because we and our friends who have small businesses and who employ Floridians are in danger of shutting down our companies or laying off our employees due to a drop in business even though the Florida Beaches are Crystal Clear.  We believe that if the world knew where the oil is and where the oil is not, our local economy and our businesses will survive.

Announcing the 2nd Flight Date

Thanks to Ryan Brown for sending us this video shot on Gulf Coast Waters:

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Florida Beaches - Tampa Bay

Crystal Clear Florida Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast.  Our First Live Broadcast was successfully completed. Click our FaceBook and Twitter pages to receive updates on our next flights.

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