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Jewel Jigglers

The Jewel Jigglers are the amateur performance group from Crystal Bindi Studios in Traverse City, MI.

It is made up of all levels of Bellydancers from beginner to advanced, and all ages from 16 to "old enough to know better"!

The Jewel Jigglers began in the summer of 2004, with several beginner students taught by Sharon LeDuc at NMC. They made their first public appearance in the 2004 National Cherry Festival Parade. Sharon then passed the teaching baton to Penny Morris in 2005. Penny purchased Beledi Dance Center in 2006, which morphed into Crystal Bindi Studios in 2009.

The Jewel Jigglers are three time winners of the Michigan Renaissance Festival's Middle Eastern Dance competition. They perform at many local charity and community events, including Friday Night Live, The Traverse City Wine and Art Festival, First Christian Church's Taste of Bethlehem, Bras For A Cause, Bark at the Park, Northport's Leelanau Uncaged, Art Bomb, the Colantha Walker Dairy Festival, and many others. Some of our members dance at Zakey's Middle Eastern Cuisine on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as private events such as weddings, birthdays and holiday parties. Please call to book a dancer or the troupe for your next event!

Many of the original Jewel Jigglers are still with the troupe and have become instructors themselves. We welcome new members- all you need is a sense of adventure and a knowledge of basic Bellydance choreography!

PURE Northern Michigan

(Public Urban Ritual Experiment)

Community, healing and social change through dance and music.

The name PURE acknowledges that we are “going back to the source” of our authentic selves. We pay homage to dance as the oldest form of communal ritual. The name also highlights our process of distilling the healing essence of many traditions into one PURE offering.

The "P" is for Public

We engage in "guerrilla bellydance"-surprising the unsuspecting public with what seem like spontaneous performances. Dancing through the streets, we are seen by thousands of people from all walks of life, people who otherwise may never see this gorgeous, often misunderstood dance form. We also bring attention to different causes that benefit the public, by teaming up with charities and world peace organizations.

"U" stands for Urban

Our home, where we live in densely populated cities and small towns alike.

"R" is for Ritual

Ritual allows you to honor the passing seasons and acknowledge the important moments in one's life. Ritual creates community, drawing people together both emotionally and physically into a shared sense of the divine. As the community participates, no one is a stranger any longer.

"E" is for Experiment

We take chances. We try new things. Sometimes we fall on our faces, but we always let curiosity and the spirit of exploration guide us. We keep others guessing about what will come next! And

we always prepare for the unexpected. PURE's dance and music are more than steps and notes. Together, they are a living, breathing art form, never stagnant, ever evolving.