Swing, fly, invert. Breathe, play, strength!!!!

Swing, fly, invert. Breathe, play, strength... Om Swing this is a fun and playful class!

How far you go in this class is totally up to you!

We use the hammock as a yoga prop to allow you go further in Yoga poses helping you to support the hips, assist in keeping the body aligned, and decompressing the spine.

The muscles of the body, skeletal structure, brain function and internal organs all benefit from the use of the swing.

The use of the swing will vary for each body type.

***Must pre-register for this class due to limited space.***

There are some precautions for this class and inverting. Please let us know of any medical conditions. Some precautions are if you have, detached retinal/glaucoma, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, heart/shoulder problems. Any recent surgeries should be shared with the instructor.