Belly Dance

Bellydance for Every Body - This class requires no prior experience, and is fabulous for every age, size, or fitness level. We teach basic belly dance movements, which develop core strength, range of motion, posture, and increases bone density while supporting the immune system. It's the most fun you'll ever have while sweating!

Bellydance/Yoga 50/50 - 45 minutes of Bellydance followed by 45 minutes of Yoga. This class is a fabulous bargain - and a lot of fun! No prior experience necessary.

American Tribal Style Inspired - Welcome to the mesmerizing, juicy movements of ATS! In this class you will learn the basic language and movements of this improve style dance, as well as the art of non verbal communication while dancing, and some serious zill skills! Some knowledge of basic bellydance movement is encouraged, but not required!

Dance Strength and Conditioning - Taught by the incomparable Domhnulla Duvessa, S&C is guaranteed to hip drop kick your buns into shape! It concentrates on strengthening all of the muscles you use in the dance, plus increases your range of motion and flexibility. Usually accompanied by a bit of cheeky choreography and lots of fun and laughter!

Intermediate Bellydance Choreography - This class is for those with 6 months or more of basic Bellydance knowledge, and is great for those who want to perform - or not! You will learn troupe choreography and get some great insights on costuming!

Bellydance for the Mature Woman - Taught by Sharon, the original Jewel Jiggler, this class was designed especially for the woman over 40. No experience necessary.