What Should I Wear?

Dress comfortably. For belly dance, flowing pants and a comfortable shirt are helpful. Most students practice bare foot. Hip scarves are available for sale at the studio, but can be borrowed for class as well.

Do I Have to Show My Belly?

Only if you want to. Classes are about being comfortable. You may find over time that you prefer to watch your stomach muscles for correct technique, but that is entirely up to you.

Will I Get a Good Workout?

The best part of belly dancing is that if offers a great low-impact workout. Like yoga, through ongoing practice you can improve your skills and expand your workout, but it is a self-paced dance. Penny often refers to the workout as "stoking a furnace." Calories are burned, and you begin to glisten without the jarring impact of other aerobic activities.

Am I Too Old?

In Middle Eastern cultures the eldest dancer was the most anticipated performance and the most respected dancer. Because it takes years to hone muscles and technique, it is a fabulous fitness find for all ages and abilities.

All bellies welcome!