Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

(Please note all classes do not run at all times. Call for schedule or to put in your request)

*Enjoy original composition music by our fabulous Middle Eastern Drummers! Want to play with them? Join them Wednesday evenings at 5:45 and they will teach you!

Bellydance for Every Body - This class requires no prior experience, and is fabulous for every age, size, or fitness level. We teach basic belly dance movements, which develop core strength, range of motion, posture, and increases bone density while supporting the immune system. It's the most fun you'll ever have while sweating!

Bellydance Bootcamp "Navel Academy" ;) (Sometimes called Culture and Cardio)- A fun, low impact workout with movement from a variety of cultures, such as Arabic, Latin, and Bhangra dances, incorporated with Core and flexibility, and lots of laughter!

Bellydance for the Mature Woman - Taught by Sharon, the original Jewel Jiggler, this class was designed especially for the woman over 40. No experience necessary. Six week sessions.

Bellydance/Yoga 50/50 - 45 minutes of Bellydance followed by 45 minutes of Yoga. This class is a fabulous bargain - and a lot of fun! No prior experience necessary.

Core on the Floor - Get ready for a no impact workout using workout balls, straps, and other modalities. Increase core strength and flexibility without stressing your joints. For all ages and fitness levels.

Intermediate Bellydance Choreography - This class is for those with 6 months or more of basic Bellydance knowledge, and is great for those who want to perform - or not! You will learn troupe choreography and get some great insights on costuming!

Om Swing Aerial Yoga- Swing, fly, invert. Breathe, play, strength.. Om Swing this is a fun and playful class! How daring you are is totally up to you! We use the hammock as a yoga prop to allow you go further in Yoga poses - helping you to support the hips, assist in keeping the body aligned, and decompressing the spine. The muscles of the body, skeletal structure, brain function and internal organs all benefit from the use of the swing, which will vary for each body type. There are some precautions for this class and inverting, so please advise your instructor of any medical conditions or procedures. *Registration REQUIRED due to limited space

Restorative Yoga/Nidra - Believing in balance in the body, mind, and soul, you have to replenish, rest and make space in the body or your body will become ill. In restorative we will do just that! Centering your breath and body, aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness along with gentle movements using props and staying in poses for a length of time.

Shimmies and Shenanigans - Get ready for a workout so fun you won't realize you're exercising! Shimmies increase blood flow, stimulate lung capacity and lymphatic system, and burns lots of calories in a short period of time. Add a few fun shenanigans, and you've got a rousing good time!

Strength and Conditioning - Taught by the incomparable Domhnulla Duvessa, S&C is guaranteed to hip drop kick your buns into shape! It concentrates on strengthening all of the muscles you use in dance, plus increases your range of motion and flexibility. Usually accompanied by a bit of cheeky choreography and lots of fun and laughter

Yoga for Every Body - This class, perfect for beginners and advanced alike, will be different each week. It will always include breath work, alignment, and awareness in your body, and working on strength and balance. Enjoy the sounds of the lake while you relax.

Zumba - The popular Latin and hip-hop inspired cardio dance, Zumba is lots of booty shaking fun! Skip the workout - join the party!