Landon and Lanie        Little Munchkins!!!



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Uh Oh, Landon has that look of mischief on his face

Bed Time...Always Fun

Landon and Daddy!!!

~~~And Sand

Vroom, Vroom!!!  Landon loves Motorcycles~~~

Landon's best friend, Pesni  (That is two year old talk for Stefani)

Going to Bed~

  Lanie and Aunt Janna

 Landon and Papa


leave me alone!!! 


Clean as a whistle!! 


 "People say I look like my Daddy , what do you think"

Shhh, the baby's sleeping 


Lanie and Honey

Soldier Boy


Crazy Landon taking a bath

Nana is feeding the BABY~


Papa and the grandkids!!!


Lanie is resting in her bed.  She is 6 days old... 


The best baby sitter in the whole world...Analissa

Priscilla, Landon and Lanie's God Mother

Nana and Lanie

Landon is curious as to how this is going to work out!!!

She's here!!!  8lbs 6 oz 19 inches


Still waiting... 


Landon is patiently awaiting the arrival of his baby sister.