Crypto Programs is a site to create classical ciphers online. It can create 60 different classical cipher types including some used during World Wars 1 and 2. Crypto Programs can create the following types of ciphers:
ADFGVX, ADFGX, Affine, Amsco, Aristocrat (Simple substitution with word divisions), Atbash, Autokey, Bazeries, Beaufort, Bifid, Cadenus, Caesar, Checkerboard, Complete Columnar, Conjugated Matrix Bifid (CM Bifid), Digrafid, Double Transposition, Four Square, Fractionated Morse, Grandpré, Grille, Gromark, Gronsfeld, Hill, Homophonic, Incomplete Columnar, Interrupted Key, Keyphrase, Monome Dinome, Morbit, Myszkowski, Nicodemus, Nihilist Substitution, Nihilist Transposition, Patristocrat (Simple substitution without word divisions), Periodic Gromark, Phillips, Playfair, Pollux, Porta, Portax, Progressive Key, Quagmire I - IV, Ragbaby, Railfence, Redefence, Route Transposition, Running Key, Seriated Playfair, Slidefair, Straddling Checkerboard, Swagman, Tridigital, Trifid, Tri-Square, Two Square, Variant and Vigenère.

The ciphers are grouped according to the method of encryption.

Substitution ciphers are those types where individual characters of the plaintext are replaced by another character and arranged in the same order.

The original characters of the plaintext are rearranged according to a system or key to form the ciphertext. 

Cipher types which don't fall into either of the above types are included in this section. This includes those ciphers where characters are replaced by numbers or are fractionated where a plaintext letter is represented by two or more characters.

Using the Programs
A separate page is used for each cipher type with information on the history or origin of the cipher, a description of the encryption method and an example. The encryption methods used by Crypto Programs are based on those used by the American Cryptogram Association.

The plaintext and keys should be entered into the fields surrounded by a red box and the cipher will be displayed in the field with a blue box.

Other Programs by the same Author
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