Cryptology Laboratory

Our lab studies all aspects of provable security for cryptographic primitives and protocols. We analyze security of existing cryptographic schemes and design new schemes and protocols providing both efficiency and provable security. 

Provable Security in Symmetric Cryptography
  • Security proof of (tweakable) block cipher structures and key-length-extension schemes 
  • Design and security proof of hash functions, message authentication codes, and modes of operation
  • Generic attacks on block cipher structures 
Post-quantum Cryptography
  • Design and cryptanalysis of white-box secure schemes 
  • Design and cryptanalysis of FHE-freindly cryptographic primitives 
  • Design and cryptanalysis of multivariate public key cryptography
MJH hash function based on a block cipher E using two constants c and
(MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC-2. J. Lee and M. Stam. Designs, Codes and Cryptography, Vol. 76, Issue 2, pp.179-205, 2015.)

XHX2 tweakable block cipher using almost universal/uniform hash functions g1, g2, h1, h2 (as a secret key).
(Tweakable Block Ciphers Secure Beyond the Birthday Bound in the Ideal Cipher Model. B. Lee and J. Lee. Asiacrypt 2018)

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