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The map on the left shows all Antarctic Regions and their 200 km wide coastal region.

The graph below shows the Cumulative AWP anomaly for selected years. The regional values are higher than for the Arctic because of different factors:
1. The Antarctic sea ice is closer to the equator than the Arctic sea Ice. The main Arctic ice pack is 70-90N, the majority of the Antarctic ice pack is 60-70S.
2. The Antarctic sea ice is much more variable from year to year than the Arctic sea ice (see Area data)
3. In the Antarctic summer the earth is closer to the sun and receives more energy (~10% more than during the Arctic summer)

Antarctic cumulative AWP anomaly



 1987/88 not available due to missing data from 3rd December to 12th January 

Incomplete year. The first available date for 1978 is the 26th October.(first 33 days missing)