Tribute to Mike Perrys Balls

NSFW - Reading this may also cause distress
Mike at Alcor

After earning his doctoral degree, Mike worked as a computer programmer before becoming actively involved in cryonics. He became an Alcor member in 1984. Mike started volunteering at Alcor Riverside, California, in 1987 and by 1989 had become a full-time employee.

I was beginning to realise that, like Jerry Lemler's family, people tended to get hired because they became part of the trusted inner circle. If someone was devoted to cryonics and hung around long enough, he would be given a title and get put on the payroll. That's how Mike Perry and Matthew Sullivan were hired, I knew Matthew was living in Ohio when he first got into cryonics. He relocated to Scottsdale, started volunteering at Alcor, proved his loyalty, and soon they gave him the title "Director of Suspension Readiness." Jennifer Chapman, one of the most dedicated Alcor members, was paid extremely well for answering a few phone calls. Alcor hired a non-Alcorian accountant for a short time. She used to come into my office and complain that here she was, a certified public accountant, yet Jennifer, a glorified secretary, was paid more money.

        "I suppose the most curious thing about Michael Perry," Charles continued, "is that he removed his own testicles with a razor blade."

        I nearly drove us off the road.

        "Back in college, he peeled the layers of his own scrotum off with a razor, one by one.

        I was in shock. All I could think about was, for all my years in medicine, I didn't know there were layers down there. Then again, I'd never been called in on a case of self-castration.

        Later I learned that Mike talked about it freely, and in fact he volunteered the information to a psychologist who published it as part of a study on self-castration and self-mutilation. Mike had some sort of psychiatric problem with his sex drive, so right there in his college bathroom he cut into the flesh of his scrotum with a razor. Only, halfway through the "operation," Mike got hungry, stuffed some paper towels down his pants to soak up the blood, popped down to the cafeteria for a bite, then returned to the boys' room and continued working. According to Mike's own words, he successfully "removed his testicles" in this manner. He cut very deep and severed the nerves running to his penis - intentionally.

        It still functioned, Charles said, but "Only as a hose." Then Charles added, "But, Mike has no regrets about it."

        These were my new colleagues.


Critical Care Research, aka 21st Century Medicine, occupied an impressive building in Rancho Cucamonga, California. When I visited, there was a staff of five people. Dr. Steve Harris ran the place and was in charge of the medical research there. Steve was geeky, lanky, and completely content that he had found his life's calling. The rest of the staff was composed of a cryobiologist named Brian Wowk - who wasn't there the day we arrived - Sandra Russell, Steve's surgical assistant, another woman named Joan O'Farrell, and a nerdy fellow named Greg Fahy.

        Greg was a cryobiologist who used to work for the Red Cross in Bethesda, Maryland. He did not have the mind-set of a typical research scientist, though. Greg had been into cryonics, hard-core for decades. He was the one researching the road treatment that would inhibit freezing and was well-known in his field.

        At CCR that day I also met a young volunteer named Todd Huffman, a whizz kid and a veritable prodigy who began working with Alcor when he was a teenager. When I met him he had already turned twenty, and impressed me as an absolutely brilliant young man, like many hard-core Alcorians, however, Todd's back ground was grim. I think it is not uncommon for people who are extremely unhappy with their present lives to dream of another life, a fresh start in a distant future where everything will be new, exciting, and most of all just different. Actually, I think this is a powerful motivation for many cryonicists.

        Todd's upbringing was far from average and, in my opinion, far from healthy. His parents were extremely strict. For instance, Todd told me he was never allowed to watch television. Ever.

        At a very young age, Todd had become obsessed with the idea of living for centuries and seeing the future. At thirteen, Todd joined a fringe pseudoscience group of people who called themselves Extropists or Extropians. Going back to Sir Isaac Newton, entropy has always been understood as the concept that matter, the universe, and life itself are naturally deteriorating to a state of inert uniformity. Extropy is a term these folk coined to mean the opposite, to express their belief that through his own efforts, especially technology, man can put an end to entropy, inhibit and defeat physical deterioration, and live forever.

        Extropians believed man would achieve immortality through recombinant DNA, surgical implants, and the life. Extropians funnelled many of their members into Alcor, and that's how Todd became involved. He figured if he couldn't live forever in this life, the consolation prize would be to be frozen for a possible second life.

        Todd was an especially active Alcorian. He had become a member of Alcor's Los Angeles emergency response team while still in his teens. Charles told me that emergency cryonic suspensions had been delayed for hours because car rental companies wouldn't rent to Todd since he was too young to sign the rental agreements. On the other hand, Alcor had no minimum age policy. They even let Todd assist during surgery. I frowned at the thought of a teenage Todd in the Alcor operating room helping to decapitate octogenarians and AIDS victims.

Kunzman he couldn't take anything from Alcor, and the time Alan came back with a search warrant.

Alan found evidence in Mike Perry's Diaries of another case of what could be labelled with a dark euphemism as "unrequested euthanasia." Mike wrote about an Alcor member in Madison Wisconsin, who had taken days longer to die that the response team wanted. The Alcor team had to live in a hospital waiting room for days, sitting the death watch, washing in the men's room sink. Then, when they were finally rushing the woman from the hospital to the airport in a U-Haul, the woman revived. In Mike Perry’s words, in the back of the truck, they "had been forced to put her down." It was as if he was writing about an old dog.

 Inside Acor, Kunzman found a Polaroid of Mike Darwin as a boy, dressed in a lab coat, cutting up a cat. He also found documents in which Alcor employees recounted answering want ads for cats and dogs. They would go to people's homes and adopt their animals, claiming they intended to give them a good home, and then performed their ghastly experiments on them. I had heard rumours of the same things when I had visited CCR in California. Alan corroborated what I had also heard, that Alcor actually placed their own ads and people were bringing their pets straight to Alcor themselves. "They preferred larger animals," Alan told me.

Mike with his pet Cat Aido who also lived at Alcor

 Alan saw several dogs living at Alcor, including Dixie, the famous zombie dog, Kunzman read files describing how Dixie and another dog named Slinky had been experimented on in Riverside. Alan said Dixie appeared to be suffering from brain damage when he met her and could hardly move on her own. Alan learned from Mike Perry's diary that she had to be physically taken outside to relieve herself. That's how badly they screwed those animals up with their experiments. I can only hope that PETA and other animal rights organizations take a good hard look at Alcor and CCR someday soon.

In his diaries, Mike Perry wrote about his hopes that scientists of the future would reconstruct Alcorians brains inside computer matrixes so that they would not have to be resurrected inside flesh-and-blood bodies. It was no surprise that a man who had removed his own testicles with a razor and then intentionally severed the nerves to his penis would have distain for the human body.

Mike Darwin

Mike Perry also wrote in detail about some of Mike Darwin's loud all night gay sex parties in the Alcor operating room. Alan read a diary entry where Mike wrote, "Mike [Darwin] had a rough night last night, fucking till 5:30 in the morning, Cliff, his partner, had to get up at 6 to go to work so he made for him what was a difficult decision, to call in sick as Mike ... put it, he was ill with swelling of the groin and pain in the ass."

     I don't care what two consenting adults do. It's just a little freaky to be doing it on the operating tables of a self-proclaimed medical facility - the same tables where Alcor decapitated people.

Alan found a note written by Mike Perry that described his self-castration and asked surgeons of the future not to reconnect any genitalia to him when they reanimated him. He referred to his former sex drive as burdensome. Everything attached or not attached to Mike Perry was on purpose and it was the way he wanted it, thank you very much. The handwritten note began, "I, R. Michael Perry, Alcor suspension member A 1064, being of sound mind and memory," and went on to include the language, "it is my wish, desire, and preference that upon my revival I shall be revived without gonads." Alan Kunzman saw over thirty identical handwritten copies of this note placed all over Alcor. Mike Perry clearly wanted to leave nothing to chance.

In his diaries, Mike Perry described media preparation meetings. Alcor officers sat behind closed doors and practised answering any questions that could be posed by the public or the police. Kunzman called it "Hitleresque." Indeed.

Alan also found pages, handwritten on both sides by Mike Perry, in writing smaller than any good word processor or type writer could create, describing how to make fake IDs, how to set up mail drops, how to buy land with a false name, what to say to government officials, how to answer questions, and how to get a new driver's license.

From the Book Frozen By Larry Johnson and Scott Baldyga - Buy the book to find out more twisted stuff about the people behind Alcor - not light reading.

Mike Perry is also a Venturist Minister and Eunnuch who has performed weddings at the Venture Colony!
Perry with Pizer and other Venturists.

UPDATE 15/11/10
We have recieved critism from Mikes Venturist pals for taking a light hearted look at Mike Perry's genital nullification and "baited" to make fun of people who want sex change operations. This is not the case we are not poking fun of Intersex people this is entirely different.  Mike Perry was not unhapy with being male or desiring of a sex change operation - he self mutilated his body to eliminate his sexual urges. In this case the term "nullo" is more appropiate - More info on Nullo's and  extreme genital mutilation can be found below - Freindly warning NSFW and some readers may find the interview with the Nullo distressing.
Mike Playing "doctors"

Superficial body modification has become, to a certain extent, acceptable and mainstream. While tattoos and body piercings were once markings of outsiders and special subcultures, celebrities and the public now display them as the latest fashion accessory (although they can still damage your employment prospects). It is clear that such modifications have become commodified and are no longer regarded as deviant, but merely as another consumer item.

Self Castration scene from "I spit on your grave"

However many subcultures still exist that take the idea of body modification to extremes. Genital removal and limb amputation are examples of the hardcore, permanent body modification that members of these subcultures aspire to. These practices go far beyond the bounds of what society deems as acceptable body modification. While the mainstream may view this behaviour with revulsion and bafflement, it raises the interesting question of what is and what is not acceptable body modification in today's liberal society.

Nullo -
A slang term for body modification, specifically total genital nullification

A nullo [WORK-UNSAFE, DISTURBING LINK]  is a man who chooses to have his genitalia, both testicles and penis, removed for aesthetic and sexual purposes. It is an extreme body modification of the highest order. If an ordinary man was nullified, it would be unsurprising if they became extremely depressed or tried to commit suicide. Male identity is strongly linked to primary sexual features. Additionally, the testosterone produced by the testicles has a powerful influence on male behaviour, regulating moods and providing libido.

In this [Warning: disturbing link] confronting interview, a 26 year old man describes how he came to be a nullo. His story is a disturbing tale of masochism and DIY surgery but the man is obviously pleased with the outcome. Although the interview may be a fake, such DIY operations are not uncommon or impossible.

There are many different reasons that a man may be wish to remove their genitalia.

  • Excessive libido. Castration has been used as a punishment for sex offenders. Some men are simply born with an extremely high libido, forcing to masturbate excessively and causing marital stress.
  • Chronic testicle pain.
  • Religion and culture. Eunuchs have often held crucial roles in various societies. Eunuchs were used to protect harems in Arabic and Asian countries; in some cases their proximity to the rulers gave them great power. Castration was common in 17th and 18th century Italy, used to produce the famous castrati, valued for their high-pitched singing voice. The Hijras of Pakistan and India are examples of contemporary culturally accepted castration.
  • Calm. A commonly reported result of castration is a Zen-like calm. On the other hand, a lack of testosterone can cause mood swings and depression. Testosterone patches can stabilise the mood (as well as restoring libido).
  • Fetishes. S&M fantasies often revolve around the utter domination of a partner. Nullo fantasies involve the cooking and consumption of testicles, nonconsensual castration and other domination fantasies.
  • Transgenderism. The removal of male sexual features is a major step towards assuming a female appearance. In this case they are not technically nullos.
  • Nullification. A "true" nullo does not wish to take on a feminine appearance like transgenders do, they merely seek the removal of the entire male genitalia for the "smooth" appearance.

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    Mike is one Freaky looking guy!