Cryonics UK part 2 - LAGT seminar?

  Saul Kent Is on his Way - Business or Pleasure Sir?

Mothermelter Saul Kent is also on his way to the UK Did Saul Kent kill his own mother in the name of cryonics? Check this link at about 5.50 he almost admits it: []

The event (from Cryonics UK)

"Cryonics UK European Exposition
with Saul Kent + Catherine Baldwin
Thursday, September 23, 2010 • 12:00pm - 6:00pm, Sheffield • function room at the Sheffield Park Hotel

Cryonics UK exposition / European workshop with some very noteworthy guests from America who wish to meet as many cryonicists (especially Europeans) as possible at this event.

Catherine Baldwin (General Manager, Suspended Animation, Inc.) and Saul Kent (CEO, Suspended Animation, Inc.; Director, Alcor; Co-Founder, Cryonics Society of New York; Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation; Co-Founder and Director, 21st Century Medicine; Co-Founder and Director, BioMarker Pharmaceuticals; Co-Founder, Timeship Project + Mother killing star of the book Mothermelters) will be in attendance, and are looking forward to meeting as many European cryonicists as possible while here.

On this day, we will mostly not be at our usual location, our HQ, but nearby in a hired function room at the Sheffield Park Hotel, a pleasant four star venue around the corner from our HQ. The day will however also include a brief tour of our HQ. (This is reputedly somebody's house with a CPR dummy on the floor of the living room and an expensive looking machine that goes ping!)

The purpose of the event is several fold; to allow European cryonicists to meet and ask questions of Saul and Catherine, and also to allow Saul and Catherine to get to know a little better what we do over here and how we do it. (We put bodies on dry ice and arrange for transport to the USA)

To this end, there will be open discussion time, some short structured presentations (Cryonics UK training, Cryonics in Europe, etc), a tour of our clinic and ambulance, and some social element too. (Is it a disco? - !jill is a excellent DJ - e-mail us if interested)

Attendance is free of charge, as the costs of the event (venue and catering) will be paid by kind sponsorship from Suspended Animation Inc. (will there be cake?)

If you would kindly let me know if you'd like to attend, that would help me greatly in terms of logistics! My email address is ds@XXXXXXX – Many thanks.

Warm regards,

eternally, (Oh he's such a dreamboat - to sign eternally is so romantic!)

David Styles (Organiser)

 Facebook event page:

being as he invited us:  Jill or a friend will be attending - so keep your eyes peeled for a first hand report - Right here at

Don't freeze me yet I am still alive!

LGAT SEMINARS - A user at the Rick-Ross forum thinks that this is basically a LGAT seminar

"The American cryonics salesmen are using the same advanced sales techniques as the Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) seminars. Now they are taking it to the UK, looking for fresh hunting grounds.
They are booking hotel ballrooms and offering a "free introduction".
That entire means is they want to get the FISH into the NET.

Here is a psychic prediction. At this event, they will find the cryonics salespeople at the back of the room with complex cryonics contracts they are going to try to get people to sign ON THE SPOT.

They are now using the sophisticated techniques of the LGAT seminar, to draw people in, and then slowly persuade and indoctrinate them, and get them to sign complex contracts, and then up sell them to more "services".
They have dozens of sales techniques, from soft to hard.
The soft sell might get people to commit to $30 a month, or sign a "small" insurance contract.
The hard sell, if they find a big FISH, will be to push the "irrevocable trust" that people can't get out of.

So the cryonics salespeople hook the FISH with a little bait, and then real them in. Hook them with a few bucks a month, then slowly up sell them. If they are juicy fish, they push for Power of Attorney and to take over their entire Estate, and get them to hand over their entire Estate to the cryonics company in a laughable "trust".

Yes, you can "trust" that once you are dead dead dead, and they have your former Estates assets, you can trust that it's game over. They can do anything they want with your former money, as you a legally dead, and you gave them all your (former) money.
They can buy hot-tubs with your money, and take "cryonics business trips" to tropical "tourist" sites overseas.
They can hire their buddies to do "research" at 15x market value.
Heck, they could probably buy hot-tubs, and then write them off as "the effects of prolonged hot-water on human skin experiments". Or the "effects of large amounts of alcohol in tropical locations used in the human body experiments".

Of course 99% of people know this, and see the scam.
But there are a few "suckers" out there that every LGAT sales system hunts for.

The "financial" aspects of the "cryonics" companies, are simply another in a long long line of scams to liberate people from their money.

Now they are trying it in the UK, where they want people's money, for what? So they can (at best) ship a decaying corpse overseas, after weeks or months, if ever?

It's amazing that those who are blinded by dreams of immortality, cannot see the brazen common cryonics scam being done right out in the open."

ty AC - hope you don't mind the plagiarism of your words here - We think that a very good analysis.

Originally Posted on Cryonics Meets Medicine: Seems like Doctor Maxim is also interested in what her ex-employers are up to and offers this warning to potential UK Cryonics Consumers.

"TO CRYONICISTS IN THE UK: Suspended Animation cannot get their luggage on a plane, even when they have overnight to prepare, much less transport your brain to the US, in a viable condition. SA will no longer name their staff members, or patient care providers, because most of the people known to have performed their procedures have little-to-no medical, or scientific, training. If you believe in the kind of technology that will be needed to repair the damage they will inflict upon your brain, and the normal degradation your brain will undergo, (warm ischemia before they get to you, temperature variances while your brain travels on a commercial airliner to the US, etc.), then you believe in repairs so advanced you don't need SA's services. If you believe future nanotech will be able to repair that degree of damage, leave your life insurance and your estate to your loved ones, and have your head and/or body sealed in some sort of container. Your chances of future nanobots being able to put you back together again, will probably be the same as they will be, if you are transported to the US to be cryogenically preserved, but at a much lower cost. If there was a probability less than zero, that is what I would assign to the odds of a person from the UK being transported to the US, being "resurrected," after receiving services from US cryonics companies, such as Suspended Animation. (Intentionally using a word with religious/cultish connotations.)

While the US cryo-companies are in the UK, they are going to try to sign you up for a life insurance policy, with their companies as the beneficiaries. They may even try to get you to fork over an irrevocable trust, or to remember them in your will. If you are smart, you will take whatever you might have spent on such an insurance policy and spend it on a good health club, nutritional food, (not supplements, which are mostly unproven), and living the one life you can be sure of, to its fullest. Maybe, one of these days, reputable scientists and medical professionals will explore the possibilities of cryonics, but for now, cryonics looks more like a scam, than anything else."

But They have such a nice White Van Dr Maxim - Are you sure they are not professionals?