Cryogirl and the Young Cryonicists Cult

Amanda and the Young Cryonicists Cult


If you wondered if cryonics has a disturbing cult abusing its members you need to look no further than this page:

It's all rather garbled but it is basically a series of e-mails that the family member of a possibly brain-washed ACS cult member has had posted on the internet. The story the emails tell is pretty disturbing and if you are easily upset we advise you to read something more pleasant.

Amanda Blevins (AKA Cryogirl) was one of the "young cryonicists" and it is believed that she had serious mental health issues which stemmed from incest. However this didn't stop certain members (in particular Jim Yount and Edgar Swank, leaders of American Cryonics Society) of the cryonics community make things far worse.  They "recruited" her and her young family and held a trust fund dangling over their heads to manipulate them, while paying her to “recruit” for them with sexual imagery. 


(Quoted and spellchecked)

"My wife and my son were Christian they went to a meeting in Florida called the teens and twenty's it was a SA meeting when they came back they told me that David styles and a Michael Smith were getting gay in the hot tub and was wanting to get my son in the hot tub with them this was upsetting to me they told me that they were asked if they believe in god and they said nothing shortly after that they claimed they were atheist,  it sucks, I was hurt but I did not like the fact David tried to get my son in the hot tube David's girl was on Michael's girl and David was on Michael. My Son XXXXXX was 19 years old and had some issues from his past so this was upsetting to me Bill Faloon brought hookers to the meeting and told my son they were expensive so this meeting turned out to be a mess.

My wife's nickname got stared because Amanda would make what I thought to be inappropriate gay images on her video game smack down vs. raw all the time. I had a hard time trying to get her to stop, I sold the game 3 times but she would beg for it back telling me she would never make gay images again. XXXXX was at the time suffering with Anorexia then Bulimia and depression so I was constantly telling Amanda not to make gay images on her video game I told Amanda that this could put are children in danger condoning this kind of behaviour. In front of XXXXX. They would recite gay lines from the rocky horror picture show I would constantly try to get them to stop so I suggested that she makes a girl on her game.

She into Cryonics so I suggested a frozen girl and I said lets name her Cryogirl. Amanda was reluctant but I got her to make a girl, it took off with the cryonics community but it also brought unwanted Sexual Predators from the cryonics community into our lives such as James Yount and Edgar Swank of American Cryonics Society these two took a bad marriage and made it 10 times as bad as it already was. I strongly believe James Yount has a sexual fascination for minor children and the same for Edgar Swank I was told by members of the cryonics community that Edgar travels to Third World countries to solicit prostitutes and is the owner of porn sites James Yount had a Sexual fascination for Amanda younger sister she is 16. It took 2 and a half years for me to figure out Amanda was having sex with her stepson by that time XXXXX was 17 she told me everything she said she was glad it was over that XXXXXX was blackmailing her raping her abusing her and that it would never happen again. She made a monster out of XXXXX Amanda was vary abusive to are children my 10 year old son is autistic and I kept wondering why are son would always pull his pants down in front of them all the time Amanda told me like it was nothing to it that she had sex in front of our son. She knew that if she punished him I would get up out of bed so Amanda and XXXXX would just have sex in front of him. My son cannot speak so he mimicked what he saw.

 American Cryonics Society took a 1000 dollars from me never honoured the revocable trust and refused to give me a refund Edgar Swank propositioned me and Amanda to do a 3 way. And I wanted to stop doing business with them but Amanda did not. Amanda left passwords to her e-mail account so I went in and took some e-mails out. I wished I would have gotten them all but I did not.  I went into her e-mail account and she blames me for them. There are e-mails showing Edgar wanted Amanda to pirate software but I told her no. Amanda and XXXXX were on mental disabilities for things that had happened in their past and Jim yount and Ben Best And Edgar Swank fucked them up. Its better that she is gone for the kids sake but the way it happened is unreal I confronted all of them Ben apologized for his involvement but Edgar and Jim took a $1000.00 from me and refused to give it back. I have the e-mails from Amanda and Ben talking about the hot tub party at the  teens and twenty's event. Ben said he was going to be at the hot tub next year so he does not miss the action. Ever thing I'm telling you is the truth and that is putting it mildly.

(End Quote)

Ben Best
They also tried to set them up as a "stand-by" service and promised to loan them medical equipment. The family involved were not wealthy (on social security) and it would appear that they were also ripped off and lost a down payment of about $1000. Cryogirl set up a MySpace ( to get more people interested in cryonics and used homemade soft porn images to "soft-sell" the idea to her "MySpace friends".

She was encouraged to copy software to help her cause and while things were going well she enjoyed lots of limelight within some parts of the cryonics community.
It's not the first time either that there has been a sex scandal in cryonics - just visit here: (Keith Henson Cryonicist and Child Molester)

"It is time for Cryonics Institute (CI) to step up to the plate and protect their organization, and the cryonics community as a whole, from the shady activities and embarrassment of the American Cryonics Society (ACS), an organization whose two leaders are involved in some REALLY QUESTIONABLE activities related to the operations of their non-profit organization. I've been waiting, since July, for someone at CI to do something about this, but it doesn't appear they will, without a little nudging."

Quoted from:


                                Vyff and the De Wolfes



James Yount

On the nastier side of things -  A former Church Of Satan  and Filipino hooker pusher Member Edgar Swank: ( and ACS Chief and Cryonics sick old grandpa James Yount swapped photo's and masturbation fantasies about cryogirls younger sisters (one is 13 at time) It would also seem that Cryogirl was also trying to play Yount and possibly Swank for money by sending the soft porn shots and setting up advertising for ACS on MySpace. The sad thing is the whole family was taken along for the ride and now they are separated and hurt.

Edgar Swank

It looks like these Cryonics People are not above messing around with families in a rather sinister way. It seems that Cryogirl had a lot of mental health issues and  Yount, and Swank  were messing with her head instead of helping her. It would appear that Cryogirl is still missing apparently holed up with Yount and they will not let her have contact with her estranged family. From contact with her husband she says she is fine, but he is rightfully worried. She is in a $1300 a month apartment in CA, the question is-who is paying the bills?

 UPDATED - 18/10/10
It would appear that Shannon Vyff got involved in this by trying to "help" in a misguided way. She apologized for her part and we have included her side of the story below. IT DID look from the e-mails on the cryonics cache website that she had tried to delete personal details. However in the sake of fairness we have posted her side of things - she is the only one who has come forward.  She (Vyff) says was only trying to help Amanda and be a friend but got embroiled in the mess by association -  she wrote to us with her side of things.

From e-mail: (edited so as not to include unnecessary personal details)

Dear !jill

I have never met Amanda Blevins in person, I was not in Florida for the teens and twenties event, I've never met Shannon Blevins. I've never met Jim Y, or Edgar S, and only heard from Shannon Blevins recently how they met and offered the Blevins a trust, then started encouraging, enlisting Amanda to do "promotion" for them. ACS is not connected with the Society for Venturism, nothing much goes on with the Society of Venturism anyway.The Society for Venturism was set up for cryonics advocacy and support, along with giving cryonicists a way to express that they do not wish for autopsy. I've never been to any live meeting of the Venturists, as they are hardly any members.  The board work is done by email, and is not regular, people talk maybe once a year when we discuss helping in some way. I've not met David Pizer. I have met John Strickland and his lovely wife when I was living for a year in the UK, they are nice people. John helped start the Venturists and is a sincere, honest person from what I've seen.

 I don't believe in cryonics, and say it only has a 1 to 2 percent chance of working anyway and that it makes sense to try it. I don't expect it to work however, it would be a nice surprise if it did-and I would continue doing good in what ways I can, then as I do now. 

I only have volunteer positions in "extreme life extension" organizations; it is like a hobby of mine. I've heard a lot of gossip about cryonics over the years, and I had heard about the Edgar porn business thing. When I recently talked with Shannon Blevins he said that Edgar still has one and that it has some kind of satanic porn. I've not seen it, but you might want to investigate that. 


I was introduced by Ben Best to Amanda Blevins by email, and tried to give her advice with her situation. She told me things that she was worried about, such as whether or not I thought what some ACS leaders were doing, was inappropriate.  I did not know about ACS and asked around, and then I heard about one of the leaders having made money from the porn industry.  I relayed that information to Amanda, and I tried to be a friend to her--saying that she did not need to get attention from men in a flirtatious way-that she could communicate with them on a professional level only and just discuss her trust.  I was sad to see the way things played out, how there was a money trail from ACS to Amanda's PayPal, all of the flirtation and grooming in the emails that her husband sent out. When her husband sent private emails out, some of them were mine--thus my name somehow got wrapped into the story, when I'd never physically met these people and was trying to help (not to mention, figure out what was up with ACS.)
 I do think there are problems in certain parts of the cryonics community, beyond even what Melody Maxim talks about. But it is not my goal to hurt the whole community, I'd just like to see it get better, as I believe is the goal of Melody. 

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to get things straight on your site.  I do think some very inappropriate and sad things were offered by some in leadership at ACS to Amanda, and that it has sadly affected her family. I'm glad that her husband is being a good dad for those kids, he went through so much, as did they--and they all need the stability and peace. I was happy to hear that the children have become more talkative and outgoing--they have been thriving in the household since it is not tension filled. 

 Yes, my name was on some emails--and I did share some of my own problems from my past, even present --but I was trying to show how one can overcome them, and that everyone has problems. I was opening up as one would to a friend.  I do think there is a story there to tell though if someone would get to the bottom of it, I don't know where ACS gets its money --who is supporting Amanda now, where she is, etc.

 All the best,

Shannon Vyff

Its worth mentioning that Shannon Vyff used the same e-mail address as the "leaked" e-mails on the external website- so if her side of the story is true is up for question how much of it is true. Some might say it is the smoking gun to her involvement, others might say she is just a good natured person who is also being manipulated by "cryonics gurus". What's worth noticing is how she pretty much confirms everything about Yount and Swank and tries to remove herself from all the abuse claims. She thinks Ben made mistakes but still supports him, which in itself shows she is naive. She plays a good game - the passionate church going middle class valley girl who just markets cryonics as a "hobby" – time will tell if she is what she says she is.

!jill Speaks

Is Cryonics a dying cult? As the older members die off they must worry about their suspensions being maintained. The Venturists and other similar organisations are particularly worried about this. So they have been recruiting a younger generation to carry it on (including cryoncist's children). Currently, a small group of cryonicists are in process of developing a cryonics oriented trust company employing younger cryonicists as trusteesfor the accounts.

They target vulnerable people including the children of cryonicists and encourage them to set up little cryonics companies and Stand By services (Cryogirl and David Styles) and recruit more young people. Some of them use the internet to market their ideas in web 2.0 marketing techniques using Google alerts and blogs (Luke Parrish, Elizer Yudowsky, Chana and Aschwin De Wolfe).

They are encouraged to keep in a tight-knit community and some of them take this quite literally and indulge in all sorts of strange sexual practices with each other to strengthen those bonds.

Ben Best has been involved with cult-like groups before like a EST Commune before (QUOTE Ben Best: "I lived in a co-operative house with about 25 people and I aggressively participated in the Human Potential Movement, particularly Cold Mountain Institute (the Esalen of Canada) and EST.")  This time he is the charismatic leader a man who just says wants to save lives, a theoretical gerontologist, so called pharmacist who spends a lot of time writing on his website. Shannon Vyff is trying to get kids interested and is producing a lot of "writing" for them regarding Cryonics and her rather strange view of religion (she is a member of the UU Church and Church of Venturism too). (From ieet website : "We talk about futurism, cryonics, social justice, calorie restriction, talking to kids about death, and teaching transhumanism in the Unitarian Universalist Sunday School program " She says she teaches world religions and even FSM, that she teaches kids how to think and questions things—sounds like she is also trying to slip in a cryonics agenda to me.

Bill Fallon is probably helping to bankroll the  and definitely uses it to promote the young cryonicists cult Lifeboat Foundation Project (Mass Cryonics). Also involved are American Cryonics Society and Cryonics Institute and Alcor are providing equipment and sponsorship to the young cryoncists.  They hope to get lots of new "blood" and turn cryonics into a multi-billion dollar industryand are a techno-religion of the 21st century. Saul Kent looks to be supporting the Teens & Twenties cryonicist event along with Bill Fallon, where they are trying to get young cryonicists to “connect.”