The Straight Dope on Cryonic Preservation

Welcome to the site - Originally this website was a collection of amateur investigations into cryonic preservation by a futuristic chef! As a result the whole thing became rather random so its been updated for 2011. We have also joined forces with a number of people with similar views and have had a lot of help in making this website more useful in the cause of regulating cryonics. All of the most important data has been transferred here and has been updated where new information has come to light.

In recent years the "cult" of cryonic preservation has been gaining a lot of popularity and the salesmen of this inhuman practice have been enjoying a shift in public perception and are being taken seriously in some quarters. This websites aim is purely information about the people involved in selling this pseudo-science to people - it does not make easy reading unfortunately  some of these people think they can do what they like in the name of their "religion".
If, you or a family member is seriously considering cryonic preservation then please use this website and its links to make a informed decision. Nearly all website on the Internet are written by Cryonics Organisations or their evangelists. We aim to be a central information site which can point people who may be interested in cryonics to details which they may not be aware of. Scandals about cryonics are well known in the US and its only a matter of time before these companies are regulated properly. However here in Europe we are not really aware and there is a effort from the US cryonicists to recruit members before this happens. 

The problem is simple anybody can set up a cryonics shop, so as a result some rather twisted people have been doing so.

Over the past 40 years various cryonicists/conmen have used Cryonics to exploit other cryonics enthusiasts and thier money.
Corpses have been left to rot against family wishes, Teenagers groomed for vampire cults, unneccesary animal testing, Dead bodies have been decapitated, pollutants have been washed into the local water supply, Money wasted on pointless inventions, Old Ladies have been euthanized, Bereaving Families have been sued, Families torn apart by cult behaviour, famous sportsmen immortalised by malpractice, graves dug up - the list of scandals is endless.

Cryonicist's should demand that their service providers are fully regulated and re-staff them (if possible) with professionals. All cryonics companies should be registered as cemetarys and not be allowed to advertise their services as anything else but a expensive exotic burials. There is no such thing as the science of cryonic preservation and these people should not be allowed too say it so they can sell it as one. .

Because Cryonics is Science fiction being sold as Science fact - and is thus dishonestly recruiting naive  sci-fi fan's, evangelical transhumanists, People that are obsessed with life extension, the very old or seriously ill people who are afraid to die.
Because the whole effort is run by amateurs not professional medical people, and is disrespectful to the dead. Corpses are being mutilated in the name of scientific experimentation with NO professional oversight or regulation.
Because the pointless animal experiments, hazardous practises and environmental violations need to stop.

To Journalists
Feel free to use anything you find on this website on your articles - just make sure you add where you found this information not just link to !jills website. Also bear in mind !jill is not interested in personal publicity and is not interested in making a name for herself - feel free to do so yourself we don't want any credit other than what we actually are doing. Ty