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                Cryogenics Increase Gun Life and Accuracy

           If his gun is cryogenically treated, these dogs are going to be real busy.

            Wind, temperature, vibration and personal skill are enough variables to keep you 
            busy while shooting. A stress-affected moving barrel should not be another concern. 
            Circle City Cryogenics. can cryogenically treat your barrel and help eliminate that 
            problem and increase accuracy.

The heat from repeated firing causes stress in the gun barrel which in turn causes warping and bending. Warping of the barrel causes a stringing, walking, or wondering effect in a shot group. After deep cryogenic tempering at three hundred degrees below zero, the barrel will no longer bend or warp. The net result is, improved accuracy, extended barrel life, and better overall performance.

"In my opinion, this process is one of the most significant advancements in the Twentieth Century. From now on, whenever I have a barrel fitted, it will be cryogenically treated" says Steve Timm, Contributing Editor of Varmint Hunter Magazine. LTC Ellis Lea, Sr., a master marksman found that "cleaning was much easier after this process... and very exciting to me was a 52% DECREASE in group size."

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