A2CE Script (ArchiCAD to CryEngine) english version

First step in realisation of ArchMOD is A2CE script - attempt to simplify as possible the conversion process from ArchiCAD's 3ds files to Crysis Sandbox Editor.
Script is in constant development (version 0.6 now), features list is growing, increasing number of technical problems that script solves instead of user that is working with CryEngine.
Feature list:
Automatic materials cleaning and instancing
Automatic materials renaming (feature used for cyrillic languages)
Automatic material assigment (by material names) from any material library 
Objects editing and export. 
Physical geometry creation and export.
Cryengine materials creation/export. 
Cryengine prefabs creation.
Fast level creation for your project. 
In future versions:
  • Import of .obj .fbx files
  • Automatic convertion of textures from tga, jpg, psd formats to dds format. 
  • Automatic resize of non-power of two textures (textures should be 256x256, 512x512 etc)
  • Automatic LOD (level of detail geometry) creation.  
Script download is here.