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ArchMOD project is an "architectural visualization mod" for CryEngine 2, one of the best game engines out there. 
ArchMOD - is non-game modification for Crysis aimed for use in archviz and by architects in first place and to simplify interaction with engine and editor when building interactive scene, model or game level by redusing time spend on technical problems etc.
This project is dedicated to "real-time visualization" of architectural objects made using only in real-time. That means you can explore desing of your building,
present it for your clients. Unlike any other real-time engine CryEngine can "render" pictures similary to what offline renders (Vray, Maxwell, Artlantis) do, but is more with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach, and no waiting for final pictures. 
This is growing gallery of my recent works made with this engine : 
Advantages of this method:

1. Quick render of almost any size.
2. Interactive materials editing, with no test renders.
3. Fast making of presentation trailers.
4. Traffic and pedestrians made easy.
5. Stunning visual effects available in any modern game.
6. Animated vegetation, interactive furniture and other objects, physical simulations, birds and even insects (like butterflies). 
7. Weather effects and day/night cycle.


1. Crysis game or demo installed (8 Gb for game, 1,8 Gb for demo).
2. SDK (software development kit) for game editing.
3. Powerful computer.
4. No publishing capabilities (can not save project as an *.exe file).
Goals of this project:
        Creation of simple one-click convertion tool (using 3DS MAX 9 Maxscript) for fast export fron ArchiCAD to CryEngine.
        Simple intuitive tools for fast scene setup.
        Some specific tutorials describing work with engine and editor.
        Materials and objects library.
        Simple object manipulations in game mode, e.g. object placement, rotation, material color, texture or other properties change, dynamic object creation etc.