Ranking Evidence: A CRWP Mini-Unit

Unit Overview: This unit focuses on evaluating the quality and relevance of evidence used for supporting claims.  Students will evaluate the evidence in articles related to the topic of nutrition mandates in schools.  They will engage in discussion of the articles and ultimately compose a mini-argument that integrates logical and relevant evidence from the sources.  The mini-argument is a short piece of writing that includes a claim, evidence to support the claim, and an explanation of their reasoning behind the evidence they selected to support their claim. The topic and texts were selected to engage students in an authentic inquiry about food and nutrition. NOTE:  the activities in this mini-unit could be used with any topic.  As you work through the activities in the mini-unit, you are invited to post questions and experiences in our Google Community.  You can also email the author of the mini-unit directly with any questions you have before, during, and after teaching:  rachelebear@gmail.com. The powerpoint slides referenced in the videos can be found here

To begin, click on the "Evidence Ranking" tab near the top of this page. 

Watch this video for a quick overview of how to use this resource:

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The Ranking Evidence Mini-Unit was developed by Rachel Bear.