Welcome to Our Demo Site!

BetterRhetor Resources LLC is dedicated to preparing more high school students for the rigors of college-level academics. Toward that end, we have prepared a college-ready writing curriculum that is aligned with research-based pedagogy and college-readiness standards. 

We're trying out this curriculum in a six-week pilot study at Prescott High School, in Prescott, AZ, during the Fall semester of 2017. More than 120 students in four 10th grade English classes are participating. Many thanks to these students and to their teacher, Ms. Laura Brubaker. 

Additional thanks to Prescott High School and Prescott Unified School District.

We welcome your questions and comments. For more info, please visit www.better-rhetor.com.

William Bryant, PhD
Founder and CEO
BetterRhetor Resources LLC

Note: This site is a sample version of the full 
College-Ready Writing curriculum
BetterRhetor piloted at Prescott High School during Aug-Oct 2017. Some parts of the curriculum have been intentionally deleted. 
Please contact hello@better-rhetor.com 
if you're interested in learning more about our College-Ready Writing Module.