About this Space:

In this space, you will find specific information and tools related to your Math class. You will find daily activities, math resources, class policies, recent vocabulary, and useful links to help you succeed. If you have questions about how to use this space, please ask!

About Your Teacher:
My name is Ms. Cruze and I look forward to being a part of your career in the study of mathematics this year! I graduated from the University of Chico State with a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. Since the age of 16 I have worked for bakeries/restaurants, a computer lab, a fashion company, and planned events for the City of Fullerton. With my background in marketing and my life experiences I plan to make this year’s class full of creative activities and relevant life math uses!

About the Course:
Core math concepts are needed in everyday life and I want my students to not only see these connections but practice their math skills with relevant material. We will accomplish this by actively engaging in group activities, projects, and creating word problems. Math is a subject key to succeeding in the 21st century and the jobs of the future require higher thinking and creativity in the math field.



About this Class:
The classroom is a space that we share together and in order to keep our shared environment a fun place to be, everyone needs to follow the rules below.

  1. RESPECT others and school property
  2. Follow Directions
  3. Be in your seat when the bell rings
  4. Come prepared and organized 
  5. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the classroom 

If a student chooses to follow the rules they will be honored in the following ways:
1. Verbal “Thank You”
2.  Receive a Thank you note
3.  Call home or email to parent
4.  Recognized as Student of the Month

If a student chooses to break a rule they will be subject to the discipline plan process as follows:

1st offense – Verbal warning
2nd offense – One of the following: lunch detention, parent phone call, or seat moved
3rd offense – Referral and/or sent to principal